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Weigh-In Wednesday & V-Day w/ my bottle of V-ino

February 16, 2012

  So I’m no longer allowed to go on vacations/mini-vacays or anything of the sort until I can say ‘NO’.  I wasn’t peer-pressured into eating bad, but we went to bars and had bar food, so what healthy option was I going to get?  I didn’t really have a HUGE say in what I was going to eat/my friend who’s been on her own weightloss … Continue reading

Weight LOSS Wednesday

February 8, 2012

  … das righ! You read the title and see the scale… weight LOSS.  Finally for the first time in gosh knows how longggg I’ve finally begun to lose weight. My stubborn body has been forced into lose a couple of el-bees (lbs).  I have been legit struggling with this for about a month now.  So that’s a 2lb weight loss, I’ll take it! And … Continue reading

Wednesday Weigh-In

February 2, 2012

So it’s like a broken record with these weigh-ins… same story, different day.  While I remained the same in terms of weight, I actually believe I lost this week because TOM (time of month) decided to occur overnight.  The wonderful womanly perks, right? Eff.  That being said, I am a person who retains water like a damn camel.  I have pregnant women feet… all year … Continue reading