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Food Lovers Fat Loss: Week 1 Vlog

May 15, 2012

It’s so late, but I figured I’d do my vlog before I came up with another excuse! Oyyyy… Check it out, below Oh and lastly, I’ve added my new fav workout song.  Song is located on the right hand panel.  I’m totalllly digging this band, “Friendly Fires”… soooo GOOD! Legit, I’m obsessed… I have no words.  And this song is so fitting for so many … Continue reading

My last ditch effort aka starting a new weight loss program!

May 6, 2012

Yes, yes… you read that correctly. This has been diet # 453588 that I have attempted.  But hey, why not? hahaa But in all seriousness, this program claims to not be a diet, but rather a way of teaching you ‘how to eat’.  That’s what initially sparked my interest, so we’ll see. For more deetz, check out my vlog: And since I’m writing saying it … Continue reading

Vlog: What I’m giving up for Lent

February 22, 2012

Just posted a vlog on what I’m giving up for Lent.  And I’m ashamed to say I went a little haywire tonight on food because of what I’m giving up for Lent.  I ate Taco Bell like it was my job… smh Tomorrow is a new day and no more of that, as you will see in my video. Other updates: knee issues, personal trainer, … Continue reading