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Second Nutritionist appointment

August 21, 2012

So today at noon at had my first follow-up appt with my nutritionist and was happy to have maintained my weight amidst all the nonsense eating during the move.  Anddd I’m pretty sure I had gained weight, but since I’ve been kicking it into high gear I evened out. Also, I took a massive poo after the sesh, so I’m pretty sure it was less … Continue reading

Real quick update!

July 8, 2012

I have updates about: Mega Zumba My move to Boston My friend Sarah from www.runsqrlrun.com is getting married! My struggles, as usual Anddd and update to my makeup blog aka got my makeup professionally did! …and lots more I mustttt get to bed asap, because I have an hour long commute tomorrow morning… doing the reverse commute from Worcester to Boston.  And running two big … Continue reading

I have all my marbles…

May 2, 2012

is what the Behavioral Psychologist told me, and in those exact words.  Praise Jesus! 😀 I went to my first session with the Psychologist in this whole Bariatric process and it went well.  The reason for going is to make sure all patients are mentally well.  I guess there’s been issues with doctors performing the surgery and then finding out the person was depressed/suicidal/etc.  A … Continue reading