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Second Nutritionist appointment

August 21, 2012

So today at noon at had my first follow-up appt with my nutritionist and was happy to have maintained my weight amidst all the nonsense eating during the move.  Anddd I’m pretty sure I had gained weight, but since I’ve been kicking it into high gear I evened out. Also, I took a massive poo after the sesh, so I’m pretty sure it was less … Continue reading

Weigh-In 3 of 2012

January 26, 2012

I’m finally doing my Weigh-In Wednesday post… and I’m UP this week.  I guess I should’ve been grateful for last week’s loss like my fellow blogger Jenn added.  I am obviously disappointed.  I know I did indulge on Saturday while the some of my sorority sisters and I went to Wine, Dine & Gamble at Mohegan Sun.  But that’s the only real day I messed … Continue reading

Stressful Weightloss?

January 23, 2012

I recently rejoined SparkPeople for the 5th or so time… haha.  I personally find the site to be a bit busy, but it’s great because you have these forums that are packed full of ppl with tons of knowledge who are willing to share it!  My screen name is AugustinaIrene, for anyone who’s interested. haha 🙂 So I was reading this article called “Is Weightloss Stressing … Continue reading