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What the Monday?!

March 5, 2013

Wowwy wow, today was bizzay! First things first, woke up early to attend my post op follow-up with the Nurse Practitioner.  I got all 5 stapled areas removed…I had around 25 staples… :(( And yes it was painful, but not as bad as suspected and was a fairly quick in and out thing. I was cleared to go back to the gym, but I’m following … Continue reading

Healthrageous! / Biggest Winner starts Monday

February 17, 2012

So I have joined The Biggest Winner Competition at work, which is being run by a 3rd party vendor called Healthrageous!  The competition is based on 3 main factors: Physical activity, weight management, program utilization.  You receive points or ‘Kudos’ for each category in which you meet or exceed the state goal (determined by healthrageous! each week). I snap on a pedometer on the front of my shoes … Continue reading