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Been going strong for a week or so…

August 14, 2012

So this summer Momma Millz came to visit, help me pack and move into the Bean.  Her cleaning tactics are beyond me! I wish I was thatttt type A, at times.  Anywho, she visited from 6/6 – 7/26, so a pretty lengthy time.  It was great! We laughed, cried, argued, laughed some more and were at each other’s throatsss come move time.  But one thing … Continue reading

My ma’s here!

June 8, 2012

So my mothaa has finally arrived for the summer summer summer timeeee (love that song from Will Smith!).  She came in on Thursday morning and I worked from home that day so I could be there to welcome her to my messy apt.  I’m moving in a month, so I don’t really care much to clean it! haha  Anywho, long story short… I feel off … Continue reading

Happy Monday!

January 16, 2012

Hello, hello! There will no longer be Monday weigh-ins as both of my weightloss challenges have weigh-ins on Wednesdays.  So why not title it: Weight-In Wednesdays (especially since you all know my loveee for alliteration)? In that same token, I wanted to start doing Wine Review Wednesdays.  We’ll see… I have a love of make-up and Riesling wine.  The Real Augustina: MakeUp, Wine & Weight-loss.  … Continue reading