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2 week post op w/ medical staff

January 30, 2013

I met with the surgeon’s nurse practitioner instead and she was ‘okay’.  Wasn’t terribly friendly, but neither was the surgeon.  heh. What I got out of the appointment: Focus on eating protein, protein, protein! Don’t push yourself to eat when you’re not hungry (which is why it’s hard to eat protein because I get full sooo quickly!… I’ve neverr had that feeling before! ha) I … Continue reading

A fickle weekend

April 23, 2012

My weekend was generally good.  But there were some ups and some definite downs.  I had to make an important decision in terms of a loosely cutting ties with a certain individual in my life.  It’s probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I’m being vague on purpose, duh.. lol.  Let’s just say this, I now realize how hard it is to … Continue reading