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Damnnn girl!

September 23, 2013

… I’m talking to myself when I say that! It’s been a month as of yesterday and there have been plenty of folks reminding me to update! ūüėČ To be honest, that makes me happy.¬† Happy to know people still care and wanna read my ratchet posts.¬† That’s another thing… the word ratchet is overused by myself and a lot of other folks from ages … Continue reading

Food Lovers Fat Loss: Day 12 & 13

May 22, 2012

The weekend was litttle shaky, but went alright.¬† I managed to do my zumba toning on Saturday, which was good stuff.¬† The learning in the program this week was how to order a Fat Loss plate at an actual restaurant.¬† Now that’s hard! Restaurants add so many oils, salts, random cheesy sauces and tempt you with the bread before the meal or chips & salsa, … Continue reading

Low-Fat recipe favz & New Plus-Size designer

December 16, 2011

This week has been crazy! And I’m riding it low-key until I head home on Weds the 21st! Praise the LAWD this week is overrrr! Onto the Low-Fat recipes, I found these greats eats & treats on SparkPeople.¬† I cannot wait to try these two recipes in partic! Kashi Krispy Treats – Minutes to Prepare: 5 Minutes to Cook: 10 Number¬†of¬†Servings: 18 ¬† Ingredients: 6 … Continue reading

My 5 new fav snacks

December 8, 2011

As many of you know, I’m ‘new’ to cooking and it’s been a struggle as of recently… but I’m trying to be better about making food at home.¬† Through the past several weeks, I’ve had to be creative and do some research on different types of healthy food.¬† I noticed I was being boring and eating the same silly foods, which is what made me … Continue reading

A pre-made salad discovery & Another home cooked meal

December 4, 2011

I ate this salad for lunch.¬† I admit it, I’m a frequenter of Walmart aka Wally World and happened to discover these wonderful pre-made salads.¬† It was 190 calories and very well portioned… the 190 cals includes the meat toppings/cheese and dressing.¬† LEgit. So I actually did cook all the 3 meals I had intended, I just got super busy at the end of the … Continue reading