Zumba is like riding a bike!

I say that because I’m back at it with Zumba.  Now here’s the thing, I was going to give myself a month or so before I started Zumba class againnn, but here’s how things went.

7/29 – So on Tuesday I decided to go to the gym with my pops, I signed up at a new gym called Chuze Fitness.  Some of my cousins and one of my Tios goes there and it’s a pretty good deal. The premium membership (the membership I have) offers you the gym, classes, free tanning (which is a total no-no), hydromassaging, a free shirt and some other things… all for $20 a month! WHATTT.. yes, yes! Gyms are getting cheap these days thanks to Planet Fitness and their $10 a month dealio that exploded countrywide (shout out to my amiga, Lisa B, who works at their HQ in Portsmouth, NH). hahaaa Anywho, so I joined the gym and then decided to work out with my dad that same day.  Let’s put it this way… I worked out for 15 mins on the treadmill & 15 on the elliptical and I was toast! I think my dad did like 20 mins of working out all together and he was spent.  We are both messes and totally out of shape!  Later on that night I needed to take some friggin Aleve because I was in pain.  It’s just so sad that I’m not young anymore and my body is already have aches and pains… yikes!

7/30 – My cousin Federica called me up to ask me if I wanted to go to Zumba with her, since she’s also a member at Chuze.  I really wanted to refuse because I want to get into the groove of working out, but ended up telling her I’d go with her.  I was reallll nervous because of how I felt the night before after working out.  Plus, when I got there the glass was packed with over 30+ people. Ridic.  But the highlight of all of it was that zumba really was like learning how to ride a bike again.  Once I got back to it, it was like 2nd nature.  Previous to 7/30, I hadn’t done Zumba since September of 2012! … I know, I know.  It was a great workout with my cuz and we def had a good time! So there… i broke the ‘zumba ice’ real quick and now I back in it.  I’m def taking things at my own pace, but it’s nice to be back.

7/31 – No gym.

8/1 – No gym againnn.

8/2 – Went to a morning Zumba class with some hot shit instructor who knowsss she’s good.  I got a snooty vibe from her, but that could just be her extreme confidence pertruding. hahaa Heck, I wish I could dance like her! She’s def a trained dancer, CPT, etc. The class was definitely hardcore and it was obvious I had no idea what was going on in a class FULL of regulars. woof.  Not gonna lie, can’t wait to go back to her class! 😀 Ohhh and we did a song to Pitbull’s ‘Shake Senora’… absolutely obsesssed w/ that jam! Def new fav workout AND zumba jam.  Adding it to my workout song of the week on the right hand panel. —–>

8/3 – No gym.

20130804_1417328/4 – After church, went to the gym in the afternoon with my cousin Valerie & Araceli. My cuz Val joined the gym yesterday and my Tia Mona & her bf Derrick are joining the same gym as well! Talk about a damn family affairrr! I loveeee it.  I suggest we get matching neon green shirts that we all wear when we’re at the gym.  I have lots of family… we could def infest this gym with all our matching shirts… and take ovaaa! 😀 hAAA! But really… matching shirts, I’m checkin into that.  So my we did circuit training of cardio and weights and then I hit it hard on the elliptical for 30 mins.  Solidddd.  Then some other cousins (Leo & Lorenzo aka Chito) showed up and lifted some weights.

We ended all with a trip to my Tia Mona’s Chipotle across the street and I tore up a burrito bowl. Oy.

So that’s that for last week.  This week I’m planning on hitting up Zumba and wearing my fitbit.  My fitbit and I had been on hiatus because it was hidden in a few boxes, but I got it and have it on now. hahaa  Friend me on fitbit!

Chat soon, kiddos!

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