What are your fridge staples?

I went to the gym last night with my mom.  What an adventure for both of us.  I admittedly will say, it’s been a couple of weeks.  I get into these slumps and it’s so hard to go back.  But as I’ve said many times, once you go back… you want to keep going back.  The first day back at the gym is always the hardest.  Zumba is on the docket for tonight.

ladyeatingsaladSo as I try to eat healthy, I know three things are for sure. 1) Meal prep is soooo so so so key.  I get ravenous and want to eat everything in sight and having packs of veggies and fruits and already cooked meats for din dins is super helpful! 2) Remove junk food from tha damnn fridge! If it’s not in there, it can’t as readily tempt you and 3) Eat more protein than carbs.  My body reacts so very well when I minimize my carbs and I mean well! Even when I eat good carbs, my body just does better on protein.  Is that the case for any of you out there?? (let me know)

So the question I have are what are your 10-15 staples that you alwaysss have the fridge that you can mix and match meals? (i.e. chicken, broccoli, almond milk, Ezekiel bread)  What are they? I don’t want to bite off too much, but I find myself with a fridge full of things, yet nothing to make that ‘matches’.  Does that even make sense?

Let me know in an comment or an email… Pretty plzzz! :)

Much <3

19 Responses to What are your fridge staples?

  1. Jo-Ellen says:

    I am the girl for this question for sure!!! Since we do low carb, here are my staples that I LOVE to have:

    1. String cheese (they make like jalapeno ones too, mmm)
    2. Peperonnis (Can not live without them, and they are the perfect low carb macro)
    3. Celery and ranch
    4. Hard boiled eggs
    5. Cook a huge thing of chicken breast at the start of the week, you can do ANYTHING with it then. Make chicken salad, ceasar salads, just eat it plain etc.
    6. Almonds, great for snacking when you want salty and crunchy
    7. Strawberries for when you just need a sweet fruit binge
    8. Coconut milk and protein powder…mmmmm…..chocolate milk shake

    I’m sure there are even more than that but those are definitely the staples we ALWAYS have in there! I know of a better low carb bread than Ezekial, btw, but you have to buy it on Amazon!

    Love you!

  2. Sarah says:

    Good question! I don’t know what my top 10 staples are but I do always have the following on hand.

    1. Eggs
    2. Almond Milk & Spiru-Tein
    3. Feta Cheese
    4. Chicken
    5. Yogurt

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