Valentine’s Day & One month bandeversary!

unique-heart-tattoo-designsYes yes, one month… exactamente!

I’ll tell ya, today was toughy, cuz everyone was posting pics of their V-day dinners and candies and oh Lord.  My sinful eyes and all the lusting I did over all the food… i had a few  tourets moments where I sat in my apartment and screamed… mainly b/c it still feels like eternity since I’ve eaten REAL food… or ’til I’ll be able to eat real food.  I’ll say it over and over again… this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.

That was hard, and then the fact that for the Xth time in my life, I’m Valentine-less.  Things just haven’t worked out for me and the male species thus far in my life… pero un dia.. un dia! I will get there.  As I’ve said, right now is time to focus on me and me alone.  I still can’t help but want someone to share all these great moments with though.  BUT, God has a plan for me, big plans.. I hope! 🙂  I’ll find that person someday, but until then… I’m my own valentine, because having self-love and respect for oneself is most important. And let’s be honest, that’s why I started this journey… because my lack of love for myself was sooo apparent.  One day at a time though, Augustina.

And even tho it is a dang Hallmark holiday and I’m bitter because I didn’t have a ‘Valentine’, I hope it was an opportunity for everyone to remember to just stop and love.  That’s all the good Lord ever wanted us to do was to love on another as he does us.  I hope you loved and felt loved today. <3

Ohhh and one last thing…

Fat Tuesday + Ash Wednesday + Valentine’s Day = Eat Pray Love!


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