Three years later = lots of mileage

It’s so crazy how 3 years makes such a HUGE difference.  What I mean is, 3 years ago I really went hardcore on losing weight and it just seemed so much easier than it has this time around.  My body is certainly not what it used to be 3 years ago. And while physically I may ‘look the same’, I certainly don’t feel the same. I have aches and pains all around this time while working out.  My hips always pop out of place, my knees have definitely taken a beating (esp since that incident at the club in Philly when some chick tripped me over the the granite staircase and my kneecap with ALL my weight went crashing down at the edge of the stair step), my lower back aches, this and that.  Where I’m getting at is… OMAIGA, I thought I’d bounce right back to working out and losing weight quickly like I did 3 years ago and this is sooo so soo not the case.  Now I’m saying all of this out loud, because these very words right here should be my #1 motivator.

Augustina ain’t got no mo time to be effing around eating this there and rewarding myself with a slice of this or that for a good workout or x-amount of lbs lost. No no no. The mere fact that I’m 26 years of again, going on 27 in December and ALREADY have all these aches and pains means something serious.  It’s 100% my body telling me that this weight is just too much to handle.  And if at this age I’m feeling all of this, imagine if I postpone or wait until I’m 30+ to lose this weight.  My body simply will have no more of it… heck, I will have no more of it.  It’s funny how it seemed like I waited for the perfect time to get back on my regimen, but no time is perfect… NOW is the perfect time.  I’ve done a lot of damage to my body by being this fat for so very long and yo-yo dieting left and right.  This shit has to stop! And excuse my mouth (I’m somewhat of a sailor), but it’s me saying this all in my head (angrily, of course) and typing it out on the computer screen.

Am I discouraged? No. I mean, it’s the reality of it all… I’m the youngest today than I’ll ever be in the future. I should’ve gotten it right the first, second, third, fifth, twentieth time and I didn’t.  But like now more than ever, I’m physically experiencing the pain and harm I’ve done to my body and it’s not good, mi frenz.

FitbitZipGreenFrontSideOn a positive note, I’ve started back up with wearing my fitbit as I referenced to in my last post.  And it’s such a nice way to see my activity during the day.  I really need to wear it at night to track my sleeping patterns.  I don’t believe I have sleep apnea, but I do know I get up often during the night.  Thanks again to my pal, Sarah, for the excellent gift!


Went to Zumba again yesterday with my cuzn Fred and our friend Lindsay and it was good, I killed it!  I have been feeling a tad under the weather with a cough and some phlegm.  I went this morninghydromassage to a Zumba class and had such little energy. I think the cold may be worsening.  Ten mins into class I felt like just leaving because I was gettin cold sweats (not the good kind of sweat feeling), but I toughed it out and went at my own pace.  I actually felt proud of myself, because I was so close to throwing the towel in, but stuck it out.  The reward at the end was the massge.  My gym has these siiiick HydroMassage machines (and tanning beds too, but I don’t get down w/ tanning… at all) that you can use for 10 mins at a time and it’s sooo legit after a workout! It’s like hot water runs up and down your back through a matt on a table and you can control the pressure, speed, area of focus, etc. Sooo good!  As you can see, I was focusing the massage on my lower back because that’s where I was having lots of pain.  I’m just gonna lay low tonight and drink some tea and take some Advil cold & sinus (should hopefz help with the cold muscle aches and pains) and we’ll see what happenssss!

Sorry for the whiny post, just needed to clear my head a bit.



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  1. Sarah says:

    Glad you like the Fitbit!

    HydroMassage? What the heck, I want some of those in my work gym!

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