Reflections after 2 weeks

Ahhh yes, 14 days/2 weeks post op.  It seems like it’s been foreverrr… time has truly been crawlin by for me.  Yesterday I said bye to Momma Millz as she headed back home to AZ. 🙁  Thus I have been at home alone all day and will do so for the rest of the week.  As I said in yesterday’s video, I’ve been too exhausted from malnutrition (in all honesty) to do much.  It was suggested I take another week off from work. heh.

I do wanna get back into the groove of life, but understand these sort of things take time… I’m just going stir crazy tho! *sigh*… anywho, I was perusing through a friends facebook photos last night and saw that she had a couple of old skooool pics of me.  Looking at those photos just made me realize… wow, now I know I made the right decision.  Through all the hell of this recovery, I’ve known all along my decision to go through with this procedure was ‘the right one’ so to speak and here’s why:

HS pic2


That’s on my high school graduation day.  I had acne and weighed close to my highest weight.   I never wore makeup until graduation day because I thought ‘what’s the purpose? no one will like me anyways.’  And while I would say I was well-liked in H.S., I was and am extremely insecure.

HS pic1


There I am in the pink shirt at my first ‘high school party’. haha And yes, I was being the clown per usual, since I’ve always used my humor to make ppl ‘like me’.  I didn’t care what I wore or looked like b/c I didn’t see the use in it.


I don’t mean this to be a pity party, but when I looked at these photos I just saw and remembered sadness.  And to think 8 years later, I’d finally start getting my act together. It’s never too late right?  I can’t express what I mean more than in one of my newest/most fav quotes:

One day you will look back at what has become of your life and you will ask yourself: Could I have done more… did I do the best I could? If you know you gave it your all – you will find peace. Our destiny is formed by the accumulation of the little decisions we make every day. It is a good idea to reassess those decisions from time to time. It is never too late to change course.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Hey my beauty, I am just now reading through your blog and just want to say that you are an inspiration to many. Inspite of any obstacles you have had in your past or will face in your future, you will always come out on top. Why? Because you are an amazing human being. You are gorgeous, you are intelligent, articulate, you are caring for others, you have a heart of gold and you have FAITH.

    I love you!

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