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So let’s be rullll honest hea… I did mostly nothing I said I’d do in the last post.  I haven’t kept up with FLFL because it was too familiar to me and was hard to go back to the reset.  So my new agenda is to listen to 2-3 of the CD’s per day and gather all the ‘highlights’ of the program and do one big blog post on that.  Because ultimately, it’s a weight loss program encompassing a low glycemic diet almost to the likes of a diabetic diet.  That being said, there are some helpful hints I learned in the progam that I hadn’t heard of before… so I’ll be bringin this info in for of a blog post. 🙂

So what am I doing right now? Focusing on maintaining and gradually losing. I got sick on Thursday of last week and yesterday started feeling a little better. I have my gym playlist raring to go. I’m bring sneakz with me to workout at the hotel. I’m just anxious at this point.

Also, my dad came to visit last week and we actually didn’t do too terribly, but I will admit that it’s hard to get to the gym when you have company waiting at home for you. So I tried to walk a little bit at lunch time, given the crappy weather.

Can you believe I’m still catching up on items from work? Still reading through ppts that were presented while I was out to catch myself up to speed on the subject matter for each project… forget catching up with email, I have that piece too! Alas, it’s nice to be back in the swing of things.

My mom arrives on Saturday, yeaaa! I have a packed agenda for us, since we’ll be heading to NYC on Sun, Mar 24th – Tues, Mar 26th. I loveeee the city and can’t wait! It’s def one of my fav places everrr. We’re staying at a boutique near Times Square, so I’ll post about that… ANDDD the fact that we’re hoping to be in the audience for the Wendy Williams show! AHHHHH! I love that woman! I became obsessed w/ her show while I was recovering from my first surgery and have been hooked ever since. I DVR her show everyyyy day! If I had a show, it’d be like hers… raunchy, to the point and FABulousss! 😀

Okay okay, more updates to come soon.


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