Last Suppers

So just to update everyone, I’ve been feeling a little iffy… I received a call from the surgeon’s office and the nurse said that the surgeon would go through with the procedure as long as I felt okay on the day of surgery. Needless to say I’ve been sleeping and drinking lots of fluids and trying to stay as healthy as possible.

My mom flew in yesterday morning and I slept most of the day and then afterwords we ended up going to target to purchase all of the necessities post op.

Well let’s be surioussss, beforehand I ended up eating this:


My favvvv entrée from O’Connors in Worcester. The Chicken Soprano. I only ate half of this, because my second supper soon approached! Lmao…

Then we ran to Walgreens to pick up some stuff called Hibiclens. They asked me to use this both the day before and the day of surgery to clean my body with just to make sureee my body is sanitized properly before surgery.

And then afterwords before we headed home we stopped off at my FAV fast food spot, also known as my biggest vice, Taco Bell.


It’s funny because I’ve been chowin down at this place for yearssss…. Since I was legit 3 years old. First fast food place I ever ate at, my mom told me. It’s kinda full circle. I started my bad habits at Taco Bell (true story) and I ended it with it.

For dessert:

Red Velvet cupcake. Red Velv is my all time favvvvv!

So there you have it… My very last meals before surgery.

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