First day back at the office

I woke up this morning nauseous as all hell.  I made a poached egg and could barely eat it or drink water.  I ate some apple sauce and like 1 tsp of greek yog. I just don’t get it. It’s like I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.  It’s sooo very frustrating! I try to be neutral, but in all it’s been such a painful process and I know ppl are probably tired of ready about all the negativity… but it’s mainly just the reality of it all.

I’ve already told a few people, I plan on keeping this band in for at least 1.5 – 2 years, but after the fact… it might need to go! I heard ppl say they deal with this kind of up and down nonsense and they’re a few years post op.  As much as it helps to lose weight… it ain’t worth living life like this.  I’m not trying to pull the plug already, but I am being realistic.  I won’t give up now because obviously this all would have been a waste and I might as well truly experience the band, but feeling sick and struggling with weakness and all the random side effects… not worth it.

Yes, I’ve lost weight… but right now, I’d give a lot to just do it old skool… all natural. Hopefully, my story changes and isn’t as melodramatic as it is now.  I’m just frustrated…

Alright well, there… I feel better I got that off my chest.

At work I felt extremely weak and it was actually super hard to focus in the meetings I had.  Just gotta continue takin’ it easy.  It’ll get better… I hope.  Tomorrow the storm is about to hit, so I am working from home.  Let’s pray the power stays on!

Goodnight, all!

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