Damnnn girl!

… I’m talking to myself when I say that! It’s been a month as of yesterday and there have been plenty of folks reminding me to update! 😉 To be honest, that makes me happy.  Happy to know people still care and wanna read my ratchet posts.  That’s another thing… the word ratchet is overused by myself and a lot of other folks from ages 13-30, I’d say.  What can I say… I have self-proclaimed ‘La Ratcheta’… the ratchet one.  I digress…

Sooo a lot has gone on in the past month, well not a lot a lot, but a good amount.  I’d say the main event being that my stuff my Mass finally came in on Thursday, Sept 5th and it’s been a moving/reorganizing/buying stuff that I’m missing game ever since.  I will have an angryyy vlog very soon around the happenings of the movers and the shettt that went down! Anywho, I finally organized most of stuff, but the job is never done… as I like to have my clothes organized by pants/shirts/colors/etc.  I’m recently become obsessive like that. :-/

pumpkin oatsI’ve been on/off with food journaling, but I’m starting back up today.  I was good for a week and a half and then I’m not sure what happened.  I get so side tracked and there’s no excuse for it.  My goals for this week include 1) Food journaling faithfully 2) Going to the gym with my bud, Yvonne at least 4x and 3) Going to an OA meeting 4) Ohhh and to make pumpkin oats in a jar.. Thanks Katie Fin! 😀

So there’s the line-up, folks!

Ohh and last thing, can I get a what whattt for Britney’s new some Work Bitch?! LOVEEEE… Also, I neeeed to go to Vegas to see that betch… that’s a MUST!

kk xoxo


3 Responses to Damnnn girl!

  1. Ashley P says:

    Great post, keep it up!!! I love reading them!!! 🙂

    Hope all is well friend!

    -Ashley P.

  2. Jo-Ellen says:

    FYI, I don’t think I have EVER heard anyone say ‘Ratchet’ hahahahaha!!!

    • Elpan says:

      Posted on They are so sweet looking! You could make them into Christmas oertmnnas. That way they don’t have to hang together. You did a great job..-= Jeri s last blog .. =-.

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