5 weeks post op

Monday, 2/18 was 5 weeks post op and while I still continue to struggle with this surgery, I had an appt with my surgeon/doctor’s back-up, Dr. Arcand.  That man is amazing, hilarious and just wonderful.  Anywho, he called me into his office for an emergency visit because the nausea and vomitting and acid reflux continued to persist.  He read my upper GI and I will wait on Tuesday to confirm what he believe, but he thinks my band my have slipped.  The doctor looked at me and my weightloss thus far and said… “wow, you’re losing weight like a bypass patient”, which led him to also confirm his theory. Now a slippage and erosion of the band are probably 2 of the worst case scenarios with the band, but I will wait until Tuesday when Dr. Potter returns from vacation to verify this.  I have two options right now at this point and I think I know which one I’m going with, IN the case that a slippage is confirmed.  And if it isn’t a slip… it’s something else, because I feel legit awful most days.

Also, we took a syringe and put it to my port which lays on the front of my left side of my stomach.  He reinacted the motion of giving me a ‘fill’ except the syringe was empty.  He was trying to see if the band was too tight because potential fluid entered the band, but instead Dr. Arcand ended up removing some air.  I think this may have helped my symptoms as I’m able to eat a little more w/o nausea, but I’m still not where I should be at this point post op.  Also, what happens when I have my first fill? Am I gonna go back to being nauseous?

Still lots of questions to be answered, so I’ll be posting after my Tuesday visit w/ Dr. Potter.

In other news, I lost 5lbs last week, bringing my weight loss total to 34lbs in 5 weeks. Cray crayyy… while it’s saddening b/c the weight loss has been from malnutrition/my body withering away.. lol, it’s exciting to see progress.

Das all folkzzz


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