2 week post op w/ medical staff

I met with the surgeon’s nurse practitioner instead and she was ‘okay’.  Wasn’t terribly friendly, but neither was the surgeon.  heh.

What I got out of the appointment:

  • Focus on eating protein, protein, protein!
  • Don’t push yourself to eat when you’re not hungry (which is why it’s hard to eat protein because I get full sooo quickly!… I’ve neverr had that feeling before! ha)
  • I can go back to the gym when I’m 4 weeks post op
  • I can’t start zumba again or anything rigorous until 6 weeks post op (aka the landmark when I can start eating real food againnn)
  • Ohhh and ewww I actually felt the area where my port is located and actually felt the port and it felt sooo weird and I felt like i was feeling a baby kick, except it’s not a baby NOR is there a baby… lol.  Yeahh… nvm.
  • I got back in 4 weeks for my first fill, but at my current rate and the fact that it takes me an hour to eat 1 poached egg and I’m stuffed… I don’t know about a fill (which is used to tighten the band so I consume less).

All in all I was told pretty much everything I expected, but I am glad I know where exactly my port is located.  The doc said I’m healing up fine and that I should expect the sore/tender feeling around the port for a few more weeks.  I’m anxious to hit up the gym soon, but I’ll have to make sure I’m eating enough because my energy is still low. :-/

Alright, that’s all for now. 🙂

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