2 months … and finally a post

smh… I know, I know.

A lot has been going on as of my last post.  Some big changes in my life.  Several of you know, but this Friday I will make it official.  In either case, I’ll have a vlog post about all of this coming shortly.  I have a lot to say and to get off my chest and I think a video blog is probably going to be the best avenue to let it all out.

In terms of weight loss, well… at this point I’m just trying to maintain. I’ve reverted back to many of my old ways of not going to the gym and eating out.  But I catch myself and recognize it and stop… but then at times it restarts.  I have some very important goals I want/need to attain with this big life change I’m making and I’ll share more later on.

I know this is all clear as mud, but Friday I’ll ‘release the houndsss’… as Dr. Skinner would say on the Simpsons. hahahaa… k, I’m done.

Thanks for the love and support! Chat w/ you soon!

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  1. Jo-Ellen says:

    Seriously…I get back to blogging and you’re MIA for 2 months!!! get on ittt girrllll

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