Zumba, Dinner & Distractions

So yesterday I got home after a dreadful trip to the dentist.  I don’t know why I hate the dentist so much, I just do.  But at least my dentist’s office has LEgit hygenists that make it bearable.  Then I came home and got dressed for the gym in a jiffy! My friend and fellow blogger, Quontay from A Daily Piece of Me, just moved into my apt building and is living alone.  I figured I’d text her and see if she wanted to do Zumba at the YWCA with me and go as my guest.  She quickly responded and off we went.  The class was awesome and I sweat like a grizzly bearrrrr! I feel like grizzlies sweat a lot, perhaps I’m wrong…

After class got a little Subway and then headed back to my apt.  And I can’t tell you how great it was to eat dinner with someone, watch TV and chat.  I’ve been missing human interaction sooo bad! And work doesn’t count.. since well… nevermind.  But it was nice to chat with someone who is in a somewhat similar situation in terms of friendship/relationship issues.  It was truly a great distraction from coming home to an empty apt and watching tv while trying my BEST not to binge eat or do something silly.  Mainly it helped me not focus on the personal issue I’m going through with my friend.  So that’s that!

Tonight we gonna get some froyo (frozen yogurt) at this newish place in the Woo called Wooberry.  Their strawberry froyo with cheesecake bites… to die for! Perhaps I should skip out on the cheesecake bites. But still, sooo dayum GOOD! 😀

After work, I’m going to a chiropractor to help aid in my lower back & neck pain.  Yet another sign of my weight finally catching up to me.  I’m really starting to feel these side effects.  We’ll see what the X-Rays say, but I’m hoping these pains are muscular related… we’ll see.

In short… zumba is my anti-drug (sooo corny), along w/ human interaction.  I’m such an extrovert at heart! Maybe I should try to find a roommate…? hmmm… heh.

I swear I’m vloggin soon… be on the lookout!

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