Weight LOSS Wednesday


… das righ! You read the title and see the scale… weight LOSS.  Finally for the first time in gosh knows how longggg I’ve finally begun to lose weight. My stubborn body has been forced into lose a couple of el-bees (lbs).  I have been legit struggling with this for about a month now.  So that’s a 2lb weight loss, I’ll take it! And right now this feeling feels sooo go-ooo-oooo-oood!

I think 2 things really helped keep me motivated and headed into the right direction.

1) You have no other option BUT to lose weight… or else you’ll be back to 300lbs in no time!

2) A tip I read from Prevention Magazine (I now have a daily ‘Today’s Tips’ calendar on my desk that I bought from calendars.com… holllla). The tip read:

Rather than focusing on losing a point a week, concentrate on how much exercise you’re going to do.  Weight naturally fluctuates, so pound-by-pound can be deceiving and discouraging.  The number of miles you walk are concrete.

So here’s to making good eating choices in D.C., so I have another week of loss.  I have to! My life & confidence are at stakeee!


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  1. Yetti says:

    [ Does a little dance ] yaaay congrats gorgeous !!

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