Uppity Updates!

Yes, it’s been legit like 2 months since I’ve updated.  Thanks for not fully giving up on me… I could kiss you for reading this right now! <3 hahaaa

Sooo… as many of you may know, I’ve been battling weight my entire life.  In 2010 I lost around 60lbs, moved to Mass after that and proceeded to gain most of my weight back.  It’s been an up and down road for me ever since and I recently re-visited the idea of getting bariatric (weight loss) surgery during April this year.

As those of you have been following me know, I’ve been going through the lengthy process to getting my surgery approved by the docs…

From nutritional classes, sessions to behavioral psychology sessions, classes and meetings with the actual shrink, health checks, tests and everything in between… I am happy to announce that I was called on Monday, 10/15 and was told by the bariatric surgeon coordinator that I’ve been Approved for surgery!  I legit jumped for joyyyy! I called Estee Millz (momma) first of course, and I could hear the excitement/terror in her voice.  She’s concerned of course, which makes sense.  But yes, I’m stoked!

Sooo… the next steps are 1) Attend my consultation on 11/7 with the surgeon and tell him that I’ve decided to opt for the Realize Band/the lap band 2) decide on a timeframe for the surgey (I’m thinking early 2013, like in Jan or Feb), 3) Attend the Pre-Op course, 4) Get the surgery.  I still have to get the whole thing pre-approved by my insurance company/doctor, but that doesn’t seem to the be the issue.

I’m predicting this are going to start moving quickly… I’m scared/excited/nervous/everythinggg all in one!  But moreover, I’m eager to explore a world that I’ve never experienced before!

To mentally and emotionally prepare myself, I’ll be reading up on Obesity Help.  I’ll continue to update with anything new.

I’d been on a hold since there hasn’t been much movement with me or this weight loss, but I’m pumped! And no, this is not a ‘free for all’ until the surgery, but I still am just so excited.. !

Ohhh and I’ve recently been working with a nutrition/health coach from work, her name’s Jill.  She’s going through a progam to be certfied, so I’m her guinea pig.  I’m excited and she’s greatt! Girl straight up looks like Brooklyn Decker.. out of control. lol Oneee dayy… but hey, gotta equip mahself with all the necessary toolz right? Right!

More to come… 🙂

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  1. Katie Fin says:

    Happy you’re back in action on the bloging 🙂

  2. Yetti-Writes says:

    Tina! I am happy and scared for you! Keep me posted pretty please! xXx

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