The BIG move

As many of you may know (from my last post and from my chitter chattering), I moved to Boston.  I live in neighborhood of Boston, actually, called Allston. Anddd according to wikipedia, I like right smack dab in the middle of the madness.  No wonder I heard ranting and chanting all DAMN night long! hahaa  But truth be told, I have been conflicted about this move.

I went to school in Worcester, MA, for 4 years and then moved back to my hometown of Tucson, AZ, for a year… right when the economy had crashed.  It’s no secret the college graduating class of 2009 was the unluckiest class in the past few decades or so.  I’m not making that up either, I’ve seen numerous specials on 20/20 and 48 hours about this known issue.  That being said, I moved back to Worcester for a job opportunity.  I lived in Worcester for 2 years until enough was enough.  This past April, I had decided that I had enough.  Worcester just wasn’t the right ‘scene’ for me.  I lived in downtown Worcester a the absolute WORST apartment building/establishment in Central Mass, called Bancroft Commons.  The management is awful and I’m purposely complaining to give bad PR. lol But it’s true, the place had complete slumlords for management and half of the apartment building was made up of Section 8.  So while I was paying $800 for my 1bdrm apt (utilities not incl), the same size bedroom was being rented for $175 to someone on Section 8 who was wylin’ out and actin a fool everytime I came home from work, bringin drugs and bad company all up into the living quarters. Nope, no more, I said! haha I know my narration is… ‘special’. Don’t be mean.

Soooo… I decided against what many ppl advised me not to do and ended up paying an ARM and LEG and a few other limbs to move to Boston.  City livin ain’t cheap and I ain’t rich, so it’s been a struggle thus far.  But I just knew that I didn’t want to wake up at age 29 still living in Worcester and not living my life to it’s full potential.  I’m a city girl and I know it.  And I hateee regret more than I hate guilt.  I aim to live my life w/ no regrets, as many do, and I knew that come hell or high water, I didn’t want to someday regret not moving to Boston.  There’s only a certain window of time where one can and still be young and resilient enough to go with the flow and craziness of city night life, etc.  I’m almost 26 and let’s be honest, the window’s closin’ in!  That being said, finances and all other ‘sound’ judgement aside, I moved to the Bean.

Now in terms of the actual move… catastrophy.  I’ll make a long a story even longer… I hired movers to haul all my shyet outta my apt and Lord knows I had too much nonsense and someone should’ve called TLC to place my ass on an episode of Hoarders.  But I hired ’em to remove the shenanigans out of moving… or so I thought. So here’s the play-by-play:

  •  Movers arrive late b/c a ‘a part had to be ordered to fix the truck and needed to be installed’. I called the company out on their non-sense, so they brought a third man to help me move
  • We all head into the elevator at my shady apt building and as we approach the 9th floor… the door fails to open
    • Mover was an ex-military soldier and start FREAKING out saying ‘Yoo, ppl have been stuck in these things [elevators] and have died before! I need to get out! GET OUT – GET OUTTT!’.. so he proceeds to pryyy the door open with his hands.  The door was just stuck, so we all exited.
  • As we exited, my mom was heading back down the elevator to drop something off in my car… meanwhile I’m inside my apt showing the movers what needs to be moved, etc.
  • I get a phone call 5 mins later… my mom’s stuck in the elevator.
    • She’s stuck for 15 mins on a 95 degree day with 5 other ppl in the elevator.  MESSSS!  Firefighters come and rescue them and then shut down the elevator completely.
    • Mom went down to the mgmt office to complain to the Slumlords and they laughed at her.  Sooo glad I’m done with that place! I really need to file a lawsuit for all the ish they put me through/all the promises they had, but never came through with.
  • So now the elevator is down and I have 3 moving men ready to move my stuff out.  So yesss… if you’re wondering, they moved all my crap down 9 flights of stairssss! You read it right… NINE flights. Bed, dresser, drawers, couches, EVERYTHING!
    • One of the movers slices several of his fingers while moving my air conditioning unit out… we bandage it up real quick and keep it moving! lol
  • We end up getting in our vehicles and heading to Allston
    • As they begin moving stuff into my apt… the couch gets stuck… and stays like this for 30 mins.  Mind you, I’m being charged, per hour!
  • Couch gets into my apt and ends up being too big for my tiny ol’ apt.  So they move it back out… at least it took a few mins to get it out and trash it. Note: I miss that couch dearly. 🙁
  • Bill came out to be around $550. Ughhh.  At least I didn’t have to move it all on my own, but it certainly came at a pretttty price.

Below are some photos of my tiny apt in Boston… beware, it’s minute. hahaa

4 Responses to The BIG move

  1. Yetti says:

    So CONGRATSSSS! I’m so proud of you for making the move. Don’t live a life that somebody else has already lived. Make your own decisions, dream big and follow them. Yay for the move :)!

    And thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu for entertaining the hell out of me this Saturday morning!

    Your apartment look gorgeous, it’s ALMOST as tiny as mine LOL.

  2. Cassie says:

    I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on diapysl!

  3. http://www./ says:

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