Surgery date scheduled!

Today I met with bariatric surgeon, Dr. Potter, to discuss my options (even though my mind has already been made up).  I did feel a tad ‘sold’ on one of the options called the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, but I’ve been adamant about going the less invasive route, etc.  So after reviewing what to expect, the good, bad and ugly of the surgery, I signed a waiver as proof of the convo the doc and I had.  I asked a few questions and then checked out and went across St. Vincent’s hospital to scheduling.

I met Robin, Dr. Potter’s scheduler/secretary and went about scheduling a series of pre/post surgery appointments.  What I will say about this entire process (and I’m not even half way done yet) is that there’s A LOT of appoints = a lot of $$ in co-pays!  Oyyy… but that fact was mentioned before going through this whole process, so I technically knew the high maintenance nature of this particular bariatric program with Reliant Medical Group beforehand.

Soooo… in short, I scheduled my surgery date for January 14, 2013.  AHHHHH! Sorry, just saying that gets me all cray cray… it seems sooo soon! Well… cuz it is! I’ll be updating this a few more times until the surgery, but felt I’d settle down until shit realllyyy goes down in Jan! :-/ In which case, I’ll be blogging/vlogging hourly as I’ll be taking 2 or so weeks from work for recovery sake.  I’m thinking of being real thorough with documenting my process as I want to potentially submit it all to Realize Band as a *fingers crossed* success story.  So yeah.. that’s that!

I’m excited and so nervous for all of this! I’m nervous about the actual surgery (obvz) but also anxious as I don’t want to fail.  I need to give myself cred, but in the same sense, I need to be completely serious about this lifestyle change.  I’m currently working with my life coach, Lynn, to make sure I have an action plan… as I feel my biggest ‘shock’ factor will be mourning the loss of food.  The ‘mind’ hunger will play a big piece and I need to prepare myself of things to do other than eating.  Eating has been my #1 hobby for so long… well guess what, someone’s gonna legit ‘need a new hobby’! So I’m doing my best to do my homework so the shock and transition isn’t a night and day type of change.

More updates to come.

Much <3 to all of you. 🙂


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