Sooo… about the last 2 weeks…


For shameee… yes, for damnnn shame.  While I have all the excuses in the worldddd (work, extracurriculars, studying for insurance exams, etc.), who doesn’t? The fact is, I stopped caring about my weight loss because I was ‘too’ busy and said ‘what the hell?!’ I have such fickle feelings about my weight and while I know I have no time to slack, I do anyways. Why? Because it’s easier to give into temptation now than worry about the consequences later.  And to be completely honest, my ‘Lent’ promise went straight out the window… a week ago. :-/ Maybe I don’t want ‘it’ enough most days?

When will I get it through my head? WHEN?!

This past weekend I felt gross as I attended an Irish Pub Crawl in Boston.  I felt overly sized on the subways – taking up 1.5 seats.  I felt even worse next to all the skinny winny college girls parading around looking all cutesy.  As of recent, I hate going to the clubs. Legit, can’t even do it.  I like the idea of going, but once I get there… reality settles in. No one looks at me or gives me the time of day. If people do look at me, mostly it’s in a judging manner and I promise I’m not being paranoid about that either.

On Sunday I had taken enough random hints from Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers Commercial to all the online adds on my Pandora channel to several different people telling me about the online program. I went online, it said it was $58 to join for 3 months. I entered my credit card number and now am a member.  WW has worked the few times that I decided to stick to it.  So here we go again.  Tomorrow night I’m going to thoroughly scour the website and see all of the resources it has to offer and then start counting points on Friday.  Why wait until Friday? First, I have an insurance exam that will be consuming me ALL night tonight. Ugh. And also because I’m not entirely sure how this new Points Plus program works… and I’m not really a fan of the Android app on my phone.  Looks like I’ll be entering my points in online… heh. Not ideal, but we’ll see.  So that’s that.

I’m going to be serious about Weight Watchers, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself in these past 6 months of yo-yo dieting… it’s that I can’t do restrictions.  Whether it’s Nutrisystem telling me to eat their preservative-filled, astronaut tasting food or a low-carb diet telling me I can’t have my darn bagels or croissants.. everrr.  Nuh-uhhh. Homie don’t playyy dat! And that’s what’s up. Even this whole ‘No fast food’ deal for Lent, which included Subway for me. That was a huge struggle and becauseeee I deprived myself of my subway (which is a HELL of a lot better choice than the McD’z I ended up binging on), I fell hard off the wagon.  I can’t implement several changes at once and be successful at it.  I don’t know of many people who can! That being said, I truly believe the only method that will ever work for me (unfortunatley) is portion control. I’m not down with eating only cheeseburger patties, just to rid the carbs.  That’s super fattening anyways, even IF the Atkins diet works. If I want bread, I need to have it… or I’ll deviate from the plan and sabotage myself. My friend, Sarah, has reminded me several times even when I told her about my low-carb dieting idea.  She’s right, it’s not a sustainable life-style choice, so it’ll work… but temporarily. And Jaysusss was she right! Thank you, Sarah.  You’re one of my biggest supporters and you’ll never know how much that truly means to me.

So here’s to getting back on (for the nth time) the wagon and staying true to myself and not hiding from my own blog, like I did for the past 2 weeks.

Much <3

5 Responses to Sooo… about the last 2 weeks…

  1. caitlin says:

    Welcome back! Try to think “hey I’m back” instead of being negative about being away. Guilt won’t do you any good either 🙂
    You are back. Its a new day. You got this!

  2. Sarah says:

    Aw, Tina, I’m happy to be there for you! I’m behind you 100%. 🙂 Speaking of, we should have coffee again in the near future. I feel like I haven’t seen you in months!

  3. Colleen says:

    I’ve never done WW but this website calculates the points for all the recipes made…and I HAVE made some of her recipes. SUPER delicious.

  4. momma millz says:

    Mija it’s me again giving my 2 cents. 1st of all I’m proud of u that u continue 2 keep plugging in 2 winning this rut that has u buffooned. In my diabetic nutrition classes they taught us that it is all about portion control, using the plate method. Imagine the plate with a line in the middle and then one side of the half portion u put another line in the middle making that now 2 sections on that side. Ok so ur plate now looks like one half on oneside and 2 quarters on the other side. The bigger portion is your salad or veggies, the other 2 sides are your meat, carbs and if those carbs a complex even better. Water is the best thing to drink (hint) a glass of water just prior to eating helps to not over eat. Also did you know that Dr Oz said that 2 to 4 ounces of red wine is good 4 releaving stress, yes u read that rite. More than that does ur body no good. Remember when stressed ur body creates cortosol and that make us put on the weight. bAd cortosol BaDD 🙁 stay away!!! I do believe WW is a good way to go. You’ve done it b4 and u will again because u’ve got it in u 2 do it. I love you and will always support u in any way I can. U precious child of GOD!!!

  5. Liz says:

    Tinaaa. I’m on WW online and just sent a friend request. We should hang out online!! I’ve been with the Points for forever so if you ever have any questions, just let me know.

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