Second Nutritionist appointment

So today at noon at had my first follow-up appt with my nutritionist and was happy to have maintained my weight amidst all the nonsense eating during the move.  Anddd I’m pretty sure I had gained weight, but since I’ve been kicking it into high gear I evened out. Also, I took a massive poo after the sesh, so I’m pretty sure it was less … 😉

You know I’m inapprop, so sue me.  Well, I ended up speaking with her about my status in the bariatric program.  And at this point, she’s going to reach out to my Behavioral Psychologist to see how he thinks I did during the 6 week sesh.  My vibes from him were good.  She says she thinks I’m in a good spot right now and see no reason to not move forward.  I have a follow-up session with her on September 19th, so it’s time to kick it into high gear!  I’m hoping she’ll speak with him by that the time we have our follow-up, which she said she would.  In short, I’m thinking this whole shindig could get going by earliest November!  Realistically, it could take up until the beginning of 2013, but still… I’m sooo excited!  The thing is, I’m not even looking forward to the surgery as it’s my ‘last stop’.  I’m in it to win it right now, surgery or not.  However, surgery would just speed the heck out of this thing and give me that added boost!

So, so far this week has been good.  This weekend, aside from Friday night and a date gone awkward that left me helping myself to the McDonald’s up the street, I was good.  I’ve been working it out pretty much everyday. Last week I went to the gym 6 times! Wooooot!

And how do I know I’m in the ‘right’ mindset? For example, tomorrow a few of my sorority sisters and I are going out to din din for Restaurant week in Boston and I’m already planning my gym adventures to be during my lunch time at work.  Because going after work probably won’t work with the commute back home, getting ready for din din and taking the bus over to the venue.  Soooo I’m scheduling my gym time in, just like I would any other thing. No excuses, no excuses.

And today I was talking to my friend Sarah and she even noticed the pep in my posts.  It’s true,  I think this move to Boston was right for me.  It’s almost like I look forward to coming home and that 2 hour commute keeps me from eating… wait, yes… I just typed that.  Moreover, it’s not like I’m going out every night, but it just feels better.  I feel like I have something to look forward to?  Odd part is, I have a 1 hour commute home and my apt is twice as small as my apt in Worcester.  Not sure, what has changed, truly… Maybe the change in scenery?  It’s odd, because if I look at it, everything was more convenient AND cheaper in Worcester.  Hmmm…

And yeah, I don’t go out to bar for happy hour because by the time I get home it’s too late and I’m too tired.  It’s just odd… I don’t know how to explain it.  I was telling my friend Nick earlier today that I’m not too upset that I’m not ‘livin it up’ and going out, because if I were, I still wouldn’t be happy.  Why? Because I’m not happy with the way I look.  I wouldn’t feel confident at the bar, since I live in college town, I feel like I moved to China.  Everyone’s fit and trim and into exercise… it’s crazy.  In fact, I think that piece adds to my motivation. On top of the fact that there aren’t many fast food restaurants in my area to ‘tempt me’.   But yeah, it’s like I’m okay with not going out, because I know it’d be a waste of my time.  The time I’m spending working it out at the gym and sweating and eating well is not only good for my body, but my self-confidence.  I may look the same, but I feel good about myself… more attractive.  It’s all so very odd… but good. 🙂

So there’s my update on what’s going dizzy.

Ohhh and workout song I’ve been jamming to this week is hurrr ——–>

Hope you are all doing well & thanks for following me and keeping my spirits up! You have no idea how grateful I am for all of your love and support.

Much much <3

5 Responses to Second Nutritionist appointment

  1. momma millz says:

    well augustina i finally got back to reading your website. I like reading about your adventures on this crazy life style. As for my opinion about going to the bars etc. You really don’t want to go there for meeting a future partner. Nope! those kind of guys are very shallow, I’ve always said meet someone from a community gathering, church bible study and friends are also a good source too. If you need to unwind with a small glass of wine occasionally that understandable. Again this is my opinion. Keep up the GREAT job on focusing on YOU. I love and I’m just a phone call away. WOW

  2. Henrietta says:

    Free info like this is an apple from the tree of kngeowdle. Sinful?

  3. http://www./ says:

    Such cute ideas! I also love your take on Christmas, it's so refreshing to find out that someone still sees Christmas this way… it's become soo commercialized lately (and here in the Czech Rep. especially..). x

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