I just had to write a post to express my feelings a bit.  I now FULLY understand the meaning of not having enough hours in the day.

Right now I’m at a restless moment in my life.  I’ve noticed that I’ve put my goals aside because I’m so focused on losing this weight and many times I feel like I won’t be able to do this or do that because of my weight and appearance.  Let’s not front,  people totally judge by physical appearance, esp weight.  It would be 10x easier for me to break into the makeup industry and find a job at MAC (aka Estee Lauder) Corporate if I were thinner.  And I’m not being whiney, I’m stating how I feel.

That being said, I can’t put my life on hold, but all these exciting ideas are coming to mind.  I really want to start focusing on my makeup ‘side hustle’.  I need to be a certified cosmetologist, so I guess getting that certification first would be important.  Then making connections in the industry and practice, practice, practice.

THAT being said, I’m calling all volunteers my way.  If you’d like to bring your make-up bag and are free on the weekends, esp Sundays… I would love for you to be my guinea pig.  Doing excellent make on myself does me no go.  I need to be able to efficiently do makeup on all ages, colors, shapes, etc.  Anyone willing to help me with this? Males included. hahahhaaha 😉

Ohhhh and not that I’m necessarily unsatisfied at my job, because I really do love what I do, but how awesome would it be to work in the makeup industry and with techology?  These jobs do exist. A digital director in media and marketing for say Smashbox or Make Up Forever or NARS? AHHHH! Okay, I’m done. For now.. wait, AHHHHHHH! k. 🙂

And on top of all of these crazy ideas, I have the most ADD and can’t settle down and simma down and focus on achieving some of these.  I’m so damn distracted all.the.timeeee. Ughh… maybe i need some adderall? lol jk jk… but seriously, I’ve become soooo incredibly overwhelmed at all these job ideas, makeup ideas, and just random ideas that I don’t even know where to begin!

Anyone feel my sentiment?

4 Responses to Overwhelmed.

  1. estee says:

    Yeah I feel it. I would still like to find a way to get my adult bibs to get marketed to resturants etc. or get a bra store that specializes in custom made bra’s. Lets face it whether you’re sm. or lg each breast isn’t the same size. Not to forget some large women have sm breast and vise versa some small women have very large breast. ie 32 d cup or 44 b cup. Bra makers still think just because you’re large you must have big breast. you got the message. Anyway I hear you mija. Goodnight

  2. Sooj says:

    So I have totally been creeping on you lately Tina.
    And usually I just silently creep so no one knows but I had to post this time.
    I would love to volunteer to have a make up session. I have SO much make up its absurd! Like literally the time and money I spend buying make up is rediculous. But what’s more rediculous is how infrequently I use any and all of it. I love my sleep so it always comes down to extra winks or full make up and I don’t have to tell you which one wins out.
    Plus if I volunteer, we get to hang out, which would be awesome because all of these vlogs make me miss your craziness!

    • Augustina says:

      Sooooj! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! I’d loveee to hangout/do makeup and shop and all that fun stuff! I should def coordinate a trip soon. In August, I’m going to set-up an apt warming party for myself, but in addition… I think I’m going to have it be a girl’s night out/we all go to Sephora or bring our stuff to my apt, get ready and do it UP in the Bean!

      I’d love to do your makeup/share any tips or tricks I know in utilizing what you have right now for everyday use. I’d love to take some face shots of you to add to my portfolio as well, if you don’t mind! Let’s chat sometime…

  3. Katie Fin says:

    I’ll volunteer for a makeover 🙂

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