New Makeup site!

I’ve been trying to launch my own makeup site, but have been procrastinating. Uhh duh… go figure. I’m too ADD, I promise.  Sometimes it’ll take me a good hour to write one post.  That’s ruhhhdic.

So I created a blog/tweet sorta get-up at:!

Hollllllllaaaaa :))

It’s taken me forever to come up with the perfect ‘first post’ and yadda yadda, so I just went with it.  And soon, ohhh verrry verryyy soon… I’m be UNleashhhhinggg my new site.  It’ll be a landing page where you can easily access both blogs (The Real Augustina & Artisty By Augustina), because let’s be honest… remember the names of all these sites is damn exhausting.  Hell, I’m forgetting the names of ’em… 😮

More to come on that front, but check out my first makeup vlog (it’s so corny & very amateur). No laughing aloud! …unless it’s at a joke of mine… or my double chin jiggling! (wait… no to the last part).

Dooooo it! 😉

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  1. estee says:

    tried to go on that web site but it wouldn’t let me log in mija

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