MyFitnessPal… I’m backk!

Ahhh yess… the saga continues!

In short, I’m willing to try anything and I do remember how freaking easy this app/site was to navigate.

I will be tracking my exercise & food in this site, since I need to keep a food journal for my appts with my nutritionist anyhow.

You can see my progress via my ticker, which will be place at the bottom of this page.


And although I did lose 7-8 lbs on Food Lovers Fat Loss, I’m starting at zero with this, because I’m starting MyFitnessPal (MFP) brand new as of today – clean slate.

If you’re a member, lemme know! My screen name is TheRealAugustina (uhh duh… naturally) and my profile is here.  Please follow me and add me as your friendddd… pretty plz?! Let’s be accountibilibuddiessss 🙂 Awww, schnoookumz!

And also, today was my first class out of a series of 6 classes (2 hrs each) for my Behavioral Medicine requirement.  It was nice to have an open forum discussion with other people, but it was the same stuff I already know about emotional eating. I’m hoping next week we really delve in more! Our homework was to fill out a goal sheet of a few small changes we want to make throughout this week.  The emphasis on the small because when we’re gung-ho about something, we usually make very strict goals that are hard to keep after awhile.. small steps lead to big change.  That and finding out our motivators for weight loss, something my life coach had me do last week.

So here are my goals:

1. Journal everything that goes into my mouth, everyday this week

2. Go to the gym at least 3x this week

3. Eat at home at least 3x this week, yes Augustina, that means you need to cook food!

4. Eat every 2-3 hours, everyday

My motivators (must hang up on mirror in bathroom & fridge!):

  • Feel gorgeous & sassy
  • Find someone to share my life with
  • Fit into cuteee clothes & wear summer dresses w/o Spanx!
  • Feel confident (most of the time) in & out
  • Health reasons – no more back, neck aches!

My inspirations:

  • A ton of my friends are losing weight – I feel so ‘behind’ the game!
  • My future, I will never be happy at this weight and I know it
  • My successes in my career/personal/social lives

Also, I’ve uploaded my workout song for this week, 6/4/12! Located hurrr —————>

Ohhh and lastly, tomorrow I’ll finally be posting about Days 20 & 21 on FLFL system.


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