My ma’s here!

So my mothaa has finally arrived for the summer summer summer timeeee (love that song from Will Smith!).  She came in on Thursday morning and I worked from home that day so I could be there to welcome her to my messy apt.  I’m moving in a month, so I don’t really care much to clean it! haha 

Anywho, long story short… I feel off the wagon a bit yesterday, but I’m back on.  I was tempted to do a whole… ohhh well the weekend is coming up, let’s just enjoy ourselves and I’ll start back up Monday. Ummm Augustina, NO! There’s always an excuse and there always will be.  Time and Life’s a’ wastin’… no more!

So today I continued to log my food into the MyFitnessPal app… friend me if you have it! My screen name: TheRealAugustina.  Doooo it!

Have a great weekend folks!

I will track my ish no matter WHAT this weekend! Hooorahhh

Ohhh and excited to hangout with a high school friend from T-town tomorrow in Beantown. Hollaaa

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