MEGA Zumba!

So on June 28th I took my first everrr MEGA Zumba class.  The class was 2 hours long and was primarily taught by an instructor named Jeanine, check her out!  That lady was cray crayyy… in a good way! She was a National gymnast and had some insaneee amount of energy! She was just flat out intense, but the music we danced to was BANGIN and I swearrr there must’ve been about 100+ of us on the dancefloor of the Hanover theater that Thursday evening. 

Two words: Ridiculously Awesomeee Possum! okay that was 3 words… sue me.

I’m definitley going to be on the lookout for more Mega Zumba classes because it was definitely an experience.  I felt like I was on one of those Zumba infomercials where everyone’s at a dance party just doin’ it up! The lights, music, smoke and special effects made it #legit.

If you’re looking to take your Zumba experience to the ‘next’ level, I suggest trying one of these classes!

And as proof that I was actually there, I’ve posted photos for your viewing pleausure. hahaa


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  1. estee says:

    Mija I was so proud of you. You hung in there with all those skinny girls (2hours) Wow. It goes to show you that you can do it again. You’ve got it in you to achieve what ever you put your mind to. You are my HERO! te amo con toda mi alma! Tu mommy

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