Last post at 25…

I must admit… every year after I turned 21, I’ve begun to grow sadder and sadder as the years pass.  It’s funny how when we’re little we proudly say we’re THISSS manyy and we hold up both of our hands to show our age.  And now, the thought of being in my ‘late’ twenties is… daunting.

Why daunting tho? Welp, mainly because I see where I’m at in my life and I’m definitely not where I’d like to be.  I mean, I have to give myself cred for a few things, but generally… I just feel like there’s sooo much left in life to accomplish and to be quite frank, yes ‘the clock is ticking’.

This being said, this year I am a tad sad… to know that I will never be 25 for as long as I live.  I look back and … the year has definitely been bittersweet.  The true silver lining for me is that I look forward to what the year 26 has for me and I can say with full conviction, I think it’s going to be one HELL of a year.  In both good and well… we’ll call them ‘lessons learned’. hahaa

I keep hearing people say, ‘God, I wish I was your age’ or ‘Ohhh plz, you’re not old’.  But I define old as, I have sooo much yet to do and time seems to be slippin’ on by!  With that in mind, twenty-six is going to be a good one.  I can see the transformation that is ahead for me and I’m damned excited and anxious and nervous and all of the above… but mostly EXCITED.  Because for once in my life, I can see that my life will soon no longer be limited by my greatest enemy/hurdle/vice.

I pray the Lord watches over me in the year and helps to not just make it all about myself and myy self discovery, yadda yadda… but a year that I can not only feel better about myself, but begin really doing his works and volunteering and getting involved and spreading his love all around.  Let this be a year of love of JOY… to love Jesus, Others and Yourself.

Goodbye 25…

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  1. esther mills says:

    Alright Tina no lie this is my 3rd attempt to send you a message. I cant believe just as Im almost done something that I hit takes me off the comment section and everything gets deleted. Augustina please bubba don’t feel sad, I also think that saddens GOD because he has been with you for the last 25 years and I have seen you to be very blessed, and I know that you know that too. So cheer up sweetheart, I will forever pray that GOD will always have the best for you today and for your tomorrows. Like you said putting JOY in your eveyday life JESUS OTHERS and YOURSELF are great ingredients for a successful future. Enjoy your special day and know that your parents LOVE you very much. Note to GOD: Thank you so much Father GOD for knowing just what I needed 26 years ago. I love her sooo much and please always take care of her, in all that she does. With love your daughter esther.

  2. Lalexxx says:

    Millz!! You’re an ammmazing person and I think you’ve already accomplished wayy more than you give yourself credit for! 26 is going to be a new/crazy/exciting/fun year and I can’t wait to see what’s next 😀 I’m so proud of you mija! <3 <3

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