Happy Monday!

Hello, hello!

There will no longer be Monday weigh-ins as both of my weightloss challenges have weigh-ins on Wednesdays.  So why not title it: Weight-In Wednesdays (especially since you all know my loveee for alliteration)? In that same token, I wanted to start doing Wine Review Wednesdays.  We’ll see…

I have a love of make-up and Riesling wine.  The Real Augustina: MakeUp, Wine & Weight-loss.  Thoughts?? Zingggg! hahaha I’m kidding, kindaa..  But I am constantly growing and re-branding myself, which could be problematic for brand-recognition, but whatever it’s me.  That’s all, it’s me, it’s me and it’s mee… no rules here. :-p

Also, I’ve been needing to do another Vlog.  I’ll be recording one soon, so look for that within the next few days!

All I want to do is go to Chipotle afterwork, hibernate and catch-up on my soap opera.  Yesss, I said soap opera.  I’ve been watching ‘The Young & The Restless’ with my momma since I was about 5 years old. Crazy huh?  My mom watched it w/ her mom (Augustina, who I’m named after).  My grandmother died the year I was born, so I was never able to meet her. :'( In some funny way, I feel like that show connect all 3 of us.  I know it sounds silly, but it’s a family thing we’ve done for years and I love it.  So no shame hea!

I’m contemplating going downstairs to buy a salad or to just eat the 3 slices of bologna (25 cals/slice) I packed as a snack and pair that with the light babybel cheese I have in my lunch bag.  Hmmm… maybe?

Must workout & skip Chipotz..

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  1. Yetti says:

    All I want to do is hibernate too… every time a sad thought crosses your mind I take on 2 mins to my workout routine. Punish them bad boys out of your system! We need to do dinner soon!

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