Food Lovers Fat Loss Day: Day 8

Say what??! Yes, yes… already a week into this bidnessss!

I did well journaling all my food, but once again it was a struggle to remember to eat between meetings.  I kept to my food plans for the most part.  The only piece I deviated from were my snacks and that’s because I ended up eating later.

Today was my first day of Bariatric Boot Camp and I got my butt kicked… kinda.  I will say this and I say it in all gratefulness to the Lord.  I was the strongest female in the class.  There were only 2 men the class.  I was kicking booootay! Zumba has definitely upped my endurance level, so I’m glad for that.  I was takin’ NAMESSS with the rope exercise.  I think a few ppl stopped working out to look over at me slam the ropes down.  It was an invigorating and painful feeling all at the same time.  I’m sure I’m gonna be sorry come morning time. hahaa

So the class runs as follows.  The instructors shows the class the 15 station circuit and then we begin.  The class is comprised of only 15 people, so it’s perfect.  The crazy instructor with her half permed mushroom haircut (there are no words to describe this) blows the whistle and the circuit begins.  I didn’t time it, but I think we’re at eat circuit for a 45 seconds and then we switch.  We did that circuit of 15 stations 4timesssss! Let me tell you, it was getting tiring at the end, but nothing too crazy.  The next coming weeks will be hell, I’m sure.  And quite frankly, I’m looking forward to it.  Wednesday night is taught by Pete, the Physical Therapist who came up with the idea to hold these classes.  So he’s the ‘founding father’ so to speak.  And apparently, he’s nutsos! We’ll see…

I have an event w/ the Junior League of Worcester on Wednesday at 6pm, where my class is introduced to the League as official members.  We were voted on and accepted into the League, so it’s a nice dinner/introduction to the League.  My dilemma is whether I should go to Boot Camp or the dinner event.  I’m thinking of going to the event at 6pm for the introductory piece in my gym clothes then rushing off to class.  I’m wondering if that will work… but I can’t skip Boot Camp! I made a commitment and Lord knows the dinner will be temptation to break my plans.  Decisions, decisions…

So I learned the importance of cardio today.  Now most of us all know the importance of cardio.  But I never realized that it takes our body 12 minutes to recognize our activity and begin the actual calorie burn process.  But it makes sense as to why it’s known to exercise for more than 20 mins to receive the full benefits.  The goal for today was to do at least 12 mins of aerobic activity.  I clearly did 4x more than that, but noooo big deal. 😉 Overachiever? I knowwwww… you can say it, it’s fine! hahahaa

Oh and I received a question from a reader asking the diff btwn a saturated fat and a trans fat.  A sat fat is fat from an animal and a trans fat is a man-made fat.  The buzz around trans-fat is that it’s a fat completely foreign to your body, so naturally it takes longer for your body to breakdown.  Plus, the main purpose of trans fat is to increase the shelf-life of products, so you KNOW that ain’t good fer ya.  Nuh uhhh…. no sirrrrre!

Oh and my friend Lena was curious to know about the Olive Oil turning into Transfat.  Apparently that is a myth and I found that info here.  I’m about to call Robert Ferguson, found of the Food Lovers Fat Loss system out on his shenanigans! (and you all know I will too!)

Olive Oil Myth: Heating a cooking oil will make it saturated or a trans-fatty oil.

The Facts: As far as making a saturated fat, according to Dr. A. Kiritsakis, a world renowned oil chemist in Athens, (Book – OLIVE OIL FROM THE TREE TO THE TABLE -Second edition 1998), all oils will oxidize and hydrogenate to a tiny degree if repeatedly heated to very high temperatures such as is done in commercial frying operations. Olive pomace oil and virgin olive oil are both highly monounsaturated oils and therefore resistant to oxidation and hydrogenation. Studies have shown oxidation and hydrogenation occurs to a lesser degree in olive oil than in other oils. But in any case, the amount of hydrogenation is miniscule and no home cook would ever experience this problem.”

Here’s to following my plan tomorrow and hitting up my fav zumbie zumbzz class w/ instructor Melissa.  That lady has energy for dayzzzzzz! Oyyyy… she’s good for my calorie burnage!

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