Food Lovers Fat Loss: Day 9


Today’s Zumba class was  outttta hand! Legit the entire class seemed to be at high intensity level – good stuff! And to be honest, no real soreness from boot camp yesterday.  I know this won’t continue to be the case, but I worked out pretty hard during boot camp yesterday, so I think that’s a good sign!

My friend Sarah decided for me that I needed to go to boot camp tomorrow instead of the dinner! :-p And I couldn’t agree more.  I must prioritize my health first and foremost.  That’s not to say I’m going to always drop everything for exercise or boot camp.  But I made a commitment to boot camp and I need to stick to my guns.

So tomorrow is the first of 2 days of the graduation of my rotation program at work.  First off, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years alreadyyy! That’s stuff is bananas! How time flies… and I hate to be cliche, but geez la weeeze.  I remember 2 years ago contemplating my move back to Mass because I knew it would be like starting all over again, but it was truly the best decision I made.  I’ve learned so much about myself, by living alone and really being all by myself with no family in the area.  College was easier because the activities and classes passed the time by.   It’s a whole different ball game as a working adult.  And even though I’ve been off the bandwagon since I moved here, it was the best thing I could’ve done career and personal growth-wise.

Tomorrow is a jam-packed day, so I just packed my gym bag.  From work, I will head to the boot camp studio (it’s more like a warehouse, actually hahaa) and change into my workout clothes.  I’ll let the instructor know that I’ll be needing to leave 10-15 mins early because of an engagement, but that I wanted to attend the class and honor that commitment I made to myself.  Well… maybe I won’t get all dramatic, but at least it’ll make me look good in that I ‘tried’ to make it a priority, which is actually what I’m doing. So yeah… so there.  After the class, I’ll change at the studio back into my work clothes and hustle to the Worcester Country Club to meet all the other Junior League ladies as we’re ‘inducted’ into the League.  Best buhlieveee I’ll be drinking my protein shake on my way over there, tho! BAM! S’all about planning… whatchu got nowww?! 😀

I get excited easily.

So here’s to eating well tomorrow b/c work is feeding us during the day for the grad festivities.  And here’s to following through with boot camp and attending the JLW meeting! See, I can have both and feel good about my decisions.


So for today’s learning materials, I learned about vitamin supplements.

It’s true, I think we’d all rather get the supplements we need from the foods we eat.  However, many of us don’t eat enough of the fruits and veggies that we need to, to reap the proper amount of vitamins needed per day.  We live in such a world where our food has been so over farmed that the foods we eat just don’t seem to have as many nutrients as they used to, all foods included.  So today discusses the need to take a daily multivitamin.  Multivitz acts as ‘insurance’ to make sure we have all our necessary nutrients, just in case we didn’t consume em with the foods we ate during the day.

The Top 5 (Fat loss Five) supplements that are suggested for weight loss & the speeding up of your metabolism are:

1. Borage Oil (gamma-linolenic acid, discourages fat storage in your body and helps boost your metabolism)

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil)

3. Ground Flaxseed (must be ground, if it’s in pill form, our body can’t break it all up to receive all the benefits & nutrients)

4. Protein Powder

5. 5 Way Metabolic Fat Fighter (a product from the Food Lovers Fat Loss system… hahaha shameless plug for them, eh?)

What are your thoughts?  What vitamins/pills have you heard are the best supplements out there?  Truth be told, I could get lost for days over at the GNC store with all the damn supplements they have.  I haven’t a clue… School me, if you know! I’m interested. 🙂

Alright, I’m going to bed before 11:30p tonight and that’s final, young lady! Okayyy… gnight, folks!

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  1. estee says:

    You GO beautiful!!!!! You’re doing a GREAT trabajo chicka. lub u mom.

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