Food Lovers Fat Loss Day: 6 & 7

Hello! Hello!

And welcome to the Food Lovers Fat Loss Days 6 & 7, weekend edition! I can’t help myself sometimes…

I’m gonna get to point, straight and quick.  This weekend was shaky, no bones about it.  I fell off a few times and why? Because when I get bored it takes everything in me from perusing the fridge and snacking here and there.  So here go the confessions…

On Saturday I woke up early and ate bfast, because I’m supposed to eat within the first 30 mins of waking up.  So I had some cereal in the morning and then headed out to Boston to sign my apt lease. Yup, I’m moving to Allston (Boston) in July!! AHHHH! That’s another crazy thing… hoping that doesn’t boot me off the wagon, because Lawd knows I can’t handle even the slightest bit of change when it comes to my diet.  :-/  And my apt is so conveniently located UP the street from Ana’s Taqueria.  Sonofa… so there I go getting a bfast burrito.  What turned into me eating ‘only half… just half’… before I got home, I looked down at the wrapper… yep, all gone!

Then the day didn’t get much better since I went to meet up with some friends, which was great because we hadn’t all met up in like forevzz! But we met at a bar and had bar food.  And we all know about bar food… I did have a Mich Ultra and like 1/3 of an amaretto sour, since I spilled it all over the table.  It was a sign from God! hahahaa.. but really.

Today, Day 7, start out fine and then I got bored and started browsing and ayyyy Dios mio.  So before I let this get the best of me… I stepped back and took a big look at myself and my habit.

What I discovered was that I’m a radical, out of control eater/knee jerk reactor and need to be tamed aka structured.  I’m not saying the only reason I made bad choices was because of my lack of planning, but I think that played a good role in it.  If I don’t have a ‘plan’ or idea of what I’m going to eat next, I’m more likely to make irrational choices.  I was fine during the week when I had the structure of being at work, but being at home alone is what kills me.  It’s no secret, the weekends tend to be harder for a lot of people in terms of sticking to their diet.  And when I say ‘diet’, I don’t mean like Slimfast.  A diet is what you eat… it could be a healthy or a fatty diet… but it’s what I’m eating.  So don’t think I’m on a diet-diet, when I say that term.  Anywho, I determined that I needed to do some risk mitigation for this upcoming week and create a meal plan for my entireeee week!

If you’d like the file, just email me or post a comment.  It’s a simple spreadsheet I created, but this spreadsheet took a long time for me to make because I’m so damn ADD.  And I mean that too! It’s hard for me to focus on little things, much less sit down and create a meal plan.  That’s LEgit dedication, on my behalf! hahhaa but if you’d like it, just holllaback! 😉 I’m all about helping whoever I can in this process!

Day 6 was all about eliminating bad fats like trans, saturated, etc.  Learned about the healthy fats, like Omega 3 & 6, flaxseed, avocados, nuts, etc.  I already knew all of that.  What I didn’t know was that once oil (of any kind… Canola, EVOO, avocado) is heated up, it turns into a trans fat.  It changes the chemical make up of oil, which is why this program is now suggesting I cook with no oils, butters or eat anything that’s fried for the rest of the 21 days.  Interesting… I need to look that up, because it sound questionable, but who knows?

Day 7 is all about getting enough rest! Haaa… So when we don’t get enough sleep, our metabolism slows down because we are running low on energy.  It can’t operate 100% because it doesn’t have 100%.  It’s like asking our phone batteries to give us a full charge, if we only charged it halfway. No can do.  That and the fact that the lack of sleep produces a hormone called gremlin which causes hunger cravings because it stimulates our appetite.  In the same token, a lack of sleep creates less of a hormone called leptin, which suppresses your appetite.  Well hell… NO wonderrr! Buh-zanggggg!

My 2 goals this week:

1) Stick to My Plan (Food & Exercise) as much as I can!

2) Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night… for reals, for reals!

Also, thought I’d share this link.  The 20 points were pretty much lined up with everything the FLFL program is saying, so I know I’m doing good.  But I thought it was super interesting.  I found it via twitter, because I follow @EatThisNotThat… great link!

And Happy Mother’s Day to the most phenomenal woman I know, my momma Esther!  She is one of my bestfriends and my biggest ra! ra! support/cheerleader.  I love you, beautiful!


Week one, down! 😉


3 Responses to Food Lovers Fat Loss Day: 6 & 7

  1. Lena says:

    I’ve been enjoying reading your newest journey Ms. Mills and it has inspired me to get myself back to doing things the right way. I was losing weight for a while but mostly because I was so busy I wasn’t eating correctly, which is no way to go about it. Summer is coming up here in Phoenix (well its pretty much already here – high today is 107) and as I’m sure you remember there are 2 challenges here at this time of year
    1) you can’t exercise outside except at 4AM
    2) the heat makes me not want to eat
    I’ve come to love this place – but this infernal heat is a huge challenge in my life.

    Anywho – just wanted to say thank you for posting these blogs, its an inspiration to keep/get some of us back on track who are struggling too. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for you, and I am also interested to know about that trans fat fact and if it checks out. 🙂


  2. estee says:

    You are awesome my beautiful daughter, just want you to know that making that meal plan for the week is going to be such a big motovator for you not to fall off the wagon. It’s all about planning. Very interesting about oil after being heated they convert to trans fats. Well hello food industry for not telling about this. It’s a conspiracy out government wants us to stay fat or get fat and be unhealthy. Anyway keep up the good job and the excercizing (excuse the spelling). I’m all for you to getting atleast 8 hours of sleep. GN and God bless you always Momma

  3. Jules says:

    Would love the meal planner you created. I want to start a new diet/exercise plan for the new year.


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