Food Lovers Fat Loss: Day 4

Flat out… today was rough.

I’ve been real gung-ho about this program, but ‘life’ got in the way.  It’s no secret, the time stamp on a lot of my blog posts, which I’m not sure are visible, are from the 11 to midnight o’clocks.  I have been exhausted and I fully plan on making up sleep this weekend!

Work has been crazy ridiculous with these 3 projects I’m on beginning to pick up.  I’m in a ‘seasoned’ role at work.  The 3 other women on my team have been at the company 10+ years and really KNOW the industry and our company.  My job as a relationship manager is know the business, OUR business and the technology, while being pleasant and maintaining positive relationships.  I consider my job to be a change managing relationship mgr.  My title is Implementation Manager, but not too many people know what the means just from hearing the name.  Long story short, it’s crazy and hectic and I deal with people all day everyday and different people at that.  Crazy different personalities and having to keep myself under control and maintain a great attitude, while pretending to ‘know’ the answer.  It’s a seasoned position for a reason, so I always feel the pressure, while trying to learn my job all at the same time.  I’m just grateful I have a job that I love, most of the time. hahaaa Anywho, so yes… I was in meetings back to back today and had an evening appt and had to come home to work, skipped zumba because I had work and was exhausted.

This can NO longer be an excuse.  I’ll let my work RUN me and suck the blood straight out of me, if I let it.  The key is to not letting it.  I guess it’s just that, because I’m the ‘newest kid on the block’ on my team and feel like I have so much to prove that I have to get everything right all the time.  The pressure is on, but I can’t let this effect my health and  weight loss goals.

So going back to the program today.  Yesterday’s ‘to do’ item was to eat all Food Lovers Fat Loss meals today (snacks, bfast, lunch and dinner) as well as journaling my food plans for the day beforehand.  Last night I decided what I was going to eat today.. and let me tell you, I think I stuck to the plan about once or twice today.  I didn’t necessarily mess up any meals (perhaps dinner), but I did go around 4 hours without eating… twice today!  And that was simply because I was running mtg to mtg at work.  To mitigate, I need to make sure I have the plan in my head at all times, so I know when i absolutely need to stop back at my desk and grab a snack.  Secondly, I need to simply be more cautious of the time while reminding myself I must eat every 2 – 3 hours.  I will not let work be an ‘excuse’.

When I came home from the chiropractor’s office today, I went straight to work and then found myself falling asleep and completely missing Zumba.. 🙁 Ya’ll KNOW how much I love Zumbz, so I was so disappointed in myself.  But, my body was lacking sleep and I needed it.  My goals for next will definitely include going to bed on time because my body neeeeeds 8 hours.  I always get jeals by the ppl that can look great, be energetic and live off of 4-6 hours. Ummm… no.  Not me, not how my body functions, so I’ll have to make do and give it what it needs.

Ohhh and last confession, I woke up from my nap and all I wanted to do was go somewhere to pick something up to eat.  Pizza, Taco Bell, Subway… anything! It had been 4 hours since I had eaten and I had already let my hunger scale go down to like a 1 or 2.  And we all know we make RASH ass decisions when we’re hungrayyy. At least, I do.  But, I refocused my mind and ended up making food at home.  Granted, it was a bit bigger in size, than it should have been.  Nothing was fried and I ate slowly, until I was content.  I had a 4 egg omelette, 1/2 c of cottage cheese, 2 small tomatoes and flat bread toast.  I knowww, I knowww… but it was more protein heavy and the amount of fast carbs aka simplex carbs were smaller.  Ohh and I’m having a glass or Riesling as my midnight snack, not more than 4 oz. though!… damn addictions.  But it’s the first glass since Sunday!

And I know this post seems real negative, but I’m trying to be honest here and hold myself accountable.  I gotta keep it REAL! 😉

Have a FAB Friday, everyone!

P.S. If you get a chance, watch ‘The Conversation’ on Lifetime (I know, sounds corny).  It’s at 11pm EST on Thursdays, so TiVo it … b/c hopefully y’all are in bed! hahaa SUCH a great show! I always feel empowered after catching an episode, it’s a feel good series. <3 … oh and my bad for all the typos in this post, I’m wayyy too tired to correct ’em all. :-/


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  1. estee says:

    Hi bubba, great post. So you ended up making something to eat 🙂 good for u. Yes I do agree that sleep is so very important. I know at this point you are focusing on reading all the literature on this fflp, but once you get done. Can I suggest that getting back to your piano would be a great stress reliever (i think) cause you have such a passion for music. Well anyway hope your trip to Boston went well and may I suggest you start your planning for next week, if you know what I mean. As for me I’m gonna look over this Richard Simmon program I got at a yard sale awhile back. I need to refresh my self with good food choices so for when I make a meal plan I will know what food and how much of a portion is acceptable you know what I mean.
    K well I’ve got to go and finish my espanola novela. Talk to you soon mamas

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