Food Lovers Fat Loss: Day 2

This morning I woke up superrr late aka 7:42am.  I went to bed late last night, a big no-no when trying to lose weight.  It was pulling teeeef to get up this and I almost got a charlie horse as I sprung outta bed to eat my bfast/snack pt I.  I was so late that I was legit pulling a move like this lady right hurrr.. except replace that piece of cake w/ a greek yogurt.  THAT’S multi-tasking, mi frenssss. 🙂 TMI? …obvz.

I rushed to my 8:30am 2-month check-up appt w/ the Orthopedic doctor to assess the current state of my left knee.  Thing is, my right knee is acting up now because I’ve been babying my left knee and putting all the pressure and weight on my right knee.  Ahhhh the saga continues! But I didn’t tell the doc about my right knee sitch.  I’m hoping that simply lessens w/ weight loss.  There’s still fluid in my left knee and physical therapy didn’t help much.  We went the route where he tried to suck out the fluid, but apparently nothing came out. :-/ heh.  So he shot my knee up with some cortisone to locally aid with the swelling and fluid build up.  He said it should take a good 2-3 weeks to tell if it works.  If that fails, it’s onto an MRI.  All of these co-pays and x-rays and specialist co-pays… all for what?! Because my insurance refuses to just have an MRI taken, so I’m left w/ this strife.  Ack..

Anywho, the day went well!  I learned two important lessons today.  1) that Carbs are anything that grew from the ground and 2) Proteins are anything that once flew, roamed or swam… oh and soy.  I never saw veggies like spinach as ‘carbs’ before, but it makes sense.  Ohhh and that not all carbs are created equal.  There are things called Fast Carbs & Slow Carbs.  Fast carbs convert into glucose veryyy quickly which bumps our bodies into ‘Fat Storing mode’ because our blood sugar spikes and our body’s natural reaction is to store the sugar into our fat cells so the sugar doesn’t attack our organs.  It’s almost like too much sugar at once puts our body into shock and causes our insulin levels to raise and bammm our body is out of sync.  Our body is no longer focused on burning calories or being in ‘Fat burning mode’, it’s now focused on stabilizing our blood sugar.  Carbs get a bad rap but that’s because we eat them the wrong way.  We have to eat Fast Carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes with a protein and a slow carb like veggies and berries so they balances each other out.  In essence, eating balanced help keep your blood sugar stable and your body in ‘Fat Burning mode’.  I’ll explain this in my week 1 vlog… so look out for more!

Oh! And my goal for today was to eat a Fat loss plate (incorporating a Fast Carb, Slow Carb and Protein) for either lunch or dinner.  I MADEEEE din dins after zumba.  Yes, everyone read that… after a long exhausting day on toppp of zumba, I made dinner.  Soo proud of myself! har har  I made a turkey burger w/ a flat bread, slice of cheese, tomatoes, 2 kosher dill pickles, ketchup and mustard…. along with carrots & 1 tbsp of ranch on the side. To drink, I had water w/ lemon.  At my nutrition appt yesterday I learned that soda, seltzer and other carbonated beverages expand your stomach because of the little bubbles you consume.  Lawd knowssss I don’t need to be expanding this stomach of mine! So I’ll try to lay off of the seltzer and only drink it occasionally. 🙂

I listened to Day 1  & Day 2 CDs at the end of the day which was kind of pointless.  Fun fact: I listened to Day 2 while eating my dinner.  I tend to eat faster while watching TV/not paying attention, so I’m trying to pay mind to eat slower, chew my food and enjoy it.  But yeah, the CD seems like a motivator for the day and discusses what you will be changing, eating and learning for the day so it makes most sense to listen to it in the morning.  With that, I need to get my behind ta bedddd so I can get up EARLYY and listen to the Day 3 CD while eating my yogurt… and doing nothing else but listening & eating. hahhaaaa

Alright, good night!

Day 2… doneskiiiii 😉

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