Food Lovers Fat Loss: Day 12 & 13

The weekend was litttle shaky, but went alright.  I managed to do my zumba toning on Saturday, which was good stuff.  The learning in the program this week was how to order a Fat Loss plate at an actual restaurant.  Now that’s hard!

Restaurants add so many oils, salts, random cheesy sauces and tempt you with the bread before the meal or chips & salsa, etc.  So in essence you aren’t able to actualllly eat everything you want, like the program claims.  It’s all about discipline and moderation, like every other weight loss system.  But that’s to be expected, right?  The way the program markets itself is that you can eat anything you want… just not everything of anything. hahaa But if you didn’t ‘read between the lines’ in the informercial and use a little common sense, then I don’t know what else to say… lol

And while I do in ‘theory’ like the program, it’s still very difficult to maintain.  The portions, the fat loss plates, the yadda yadda.  BUT, this may just before for the first 21 days… we’ll see how this continues post-21 day metabolism makeover.

Ohhh and my friend, Elyssa, sent me this recipe she read up on about Chili.  I loveeee me some chili!… I need to make this and blog about it in an upcoming post!  I don’t think I’ll add the gob of sour cream & cheese.  Perhapss a lil mozarrella & some green onions tho! 😉

Check it out here.

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