Food Lovers Fat Loss: Day 11

I was EXhausted yesterday night and didn’t post, so here it goes…

Yesterday was another toughie because I wasn’t able to be home and cook in enough time.  The goal for yesterday was to take a family favorite recipe and make it a Food Lover’s Fat Loss plate, making sure to eliminate bad fats, add whole wheats (no enriched or fructose-y subtances) with the right Fat Loss proportions. 

I didn’t get home last night until midnight.  It was a mightyyy long day.  So my goal is to be 2 – 3 of my favorite meals and make the Food Lover -style and cook ’em during the next week.  This weekend, I’ll be doing Day 10’s objective of cleaning out my kitchen and cupboard.

The real objective for picking favorite meals is to truly show that you can make any delish meal into a healthy meal.  You do have to substitute a few things, but half of the time you can’t really tell the difference and it’s a great step in the right direction.  I don’t know about y’all, I know that I feel real good about myself when I know I’m eating food that’s good for me & nourishes my bodayyy.

This week, not gonna lie, I haven’t been as astringent with my regimen, but I’m picking back up tonight and this weekend.  I haven’t been terrible, but I know I could’ve done better.  Fact is, I’m recognizing it and making strides to put it back into the right direction.  My body just feels different when I’m not ‘on point’… and I miss that ‘on point’ feeling! 

 I’ll have a Day 12 update by tonight and tomorrow!

Ohhh and some of my friend’s just launched an awesome website yesterday.  So proud of these ladies.  Check it out at! <3

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