Food Lovers Fat Loss: Day 10

It’s been 10 daysss! Almost at halfway point to this 21 days metabolism makeover! Bananasss…

Today was definitely a little rough because of the fact that I was eating the food that was given provided for today’s activities at work.  I never once went overboard, tried my best to remember to eat every 2 -3 hours, ate here and there and even brought my own snacks so I wouldn’t be tempted to the endless supply of cookies they always bring! haha

Anddd I went to boot camp today too, as planned.  Today was a busyyy wizzy day.. man oh man…

I enjoyed it though because I was around ppl all day, interacting, working together, chatting, etc.  I loved it! The ever so slightly introvert in me is happy to be back at home in the quiet enviro, but i think that’s because I’m tired from the hustle and bustle of today and necessarily tired or talking or the people aspect.  So who knows?

Today’s learning lesson was to basically throw out all our food in our pantries and fridges that aren’t ‘fat loss foods’.  Anything with enriched flour, sugar, fructose, trans fat, too much fat or salt needed to hit the binz!  See, now wouldn’t you think that’d be a weekend event? I feel like most ppl start weight loss programs on Monday to start fresh… so if you’re doing the program straight, including weekends (which you shouldd), day 10 lands on a Wednesday! Ughhh… tots inconvenient! That’ll be a goal for this weekend tho!

I’ve become quite the abel detective when it comes to nutritional facts. 🙂

Not much of a change to today, but I’m hoping I’m losing … haven’t been on the scale since Friday, so we’ll see!

Have a great Thursday!



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  1. estee says:

    great vlog T and I’m so glad you had a full day and you enjoyed all the ppl involvement. I was thinking that if maybe one day you can set up your camera to video tape you while doing a Zumba class. I don’t mean the whole class but enough to get an idea of what Zumba is doing for you. Well anyway it’s just food for thought (no pun intended). Ok it’s 10 ten and I too had a loooong day, so I think I’m gonna pass on watching my novela until manana en la tarde. U C i’m already getting better with my espanish jajaja (I hate that) Hope you had a great night of sleep and I’ll talk to you 2marrow. Mama Estee millZ

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