Dinner in the Cityyy

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this busy week!  I also think I found the answer to the question I sort of posed to myself in my last post.  I was curious as to why I was happier.  Well aside from the fact that I’m eating better and exercising, I think it’s becauseeee I have a 2 hour commute that I value my time more preciously.  Because I lose so much time, it makes me hustle and bustle and forces me to schedule this and that in so I can make my workout class or workout during lunch time at work because I have this, that or the other.  Sound a little silly? Of course, but I’m a silly girl, so whatevz.

So last night 5 of us Alpha Gams went out to Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge for dinner during Boston’s Restaurant week.  Anddd I’ve been doing better at my Junior Circle President role and decided to invite 2 other Alpha Gams who I knew were in Boston because I had been in correspondence with them. 😉 Slowly but surely. haha So one is from a college in Wisconsin and the other is from LA.  So yes, I got to meet some fab ladies and have great din dins.  I did well up until dessert! But I ate extra well during the day because I knew I was treating myself at dinner.

And here we are all stuffed after din dins 🙂 

Love it. But not only that, it was a great night, wonderful weather – just solid good times.  I needed that.  It helped me realize I can have fun while losing weight.  I cannn control myself and I can go out and still get up in the morning and commute to work.  It was nice remembering that I have so many sisters in the Boston area, so I certainly am not ‘alone’, like I’ve felt at times.  Kate B, we misssssed you! Feel better! Our next trip might be the melting pot, but I’ll be sure to keep errrbody posted on that one.

And today, I hit the gym hard doing some HIIT.  I hit it with HIIT. hahaaha. k yeah. The short of it, my make up just completely melted off. My face, neck and armsss were sweaty. It felt GREAT. I legit loveee sweating. 🙂

And tonight, I’m headed off to the eye doctor so he/she can adjust my Warby Parker glasses. Still BEST discovery ever! I’m a WP evangelist, what can I say?  And then after, I got a behavioral psychology mtg and then home.

This weekend… Nantucket w/ my bffffffff Laurencitaaa! I’ll be sure to post on Sunday or Monday re: our shenanzies.  I’m even thinking of bringing my sneaks and doing some brisk beach walking.  Nothing like thick sand to add a heck of a resistance training workout, right?

Until next timeeee… <3

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  1. Kate B says:

    Thanks Tina! I missed you guys too. Wouldn’t have been much fun though, I ended up in bed before 9…ugh. Have a great time this weekend too!
    And nantucket has great bike paths if you and lalex want to bike it up I know they have some rental places there, great way to get to other beaches! OH! And you have been to the brewery/winery/spirits place right? It is amazing (except for grey lady…not a good beer).

  2. Leandro says:

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