Been going strong for a week or so…

So this summer Momma Millz came to visit, help me pack and move into the Bean.  Her cleaning tactics are beyond me! I wish I was thatttt type A, at times.  Anywho, she visited from 6/6 – 7/26, so a pretty lengthy time.  It was great! We laughed, cried, argued, laughed some more and were at each other’s throatsss come move time.  But one thing was for sureee fo sho… my eating habits were WHACK! I was on and off like a rollercoaster, with family I always want to eat and indulge.  I took her to Cape Cod, Provincetown and Myrtle Beach.  All super fun times, but the eating … not-so-good.  And then my dad came the whole bit and it was crayyy.  He came from 7/21 – 8/3.  Needless to say, my family likes to take long vacays. 🙂 hahaa Nahhh I love ’em!  But after my dad left, I was left feeling alone and sooo off target.  On Monday, 8/6 I decided to rejoin the gym at work and start preparing my lunches and all that good stuff.  I’ve been going strong sinceee.

Speaking of the gym, I used to be a member at the YWCA downtown near my apt and paid $40 a month.  The gym at work charges $20 so I thought… ‘ohhh hayyy i’ma save me $20 a monthh’.  But I was working from home last Thursday and it was hot as heck outside and wish I had a gym in Boston rulllll bad.  So I googled here and there and founddd a gym, 5 min drive from my apt called GymIt.  It’s $20 a month! Sooo for onceee, I WIN! I’m paying the same amount I used to in the Woo, but I have a gym in both Worcester & Boston. Amazeeee…no?

Anywho, so today I had Mexican for lunch at this good restaurant in the Woo called Azteca and didn’t do awful, but def could’ve done better.  I chose the lunch special of chicken fajitas with a side of beans, instead of rice.  It was aiight, but I still feel guilty.  So I’m here at work now, all stressed from these projects I’m on… haven’t eaten in 5 or so hours (baddd Augustina) and don’t want to go to the gym.

I need new workout songs, it keeps life fresh at the gym.  But my main motivation today… are these new bad girls! I now have 2 pairs of sneakersss (more to come)! My obsesh with heels/flats may or may not turn into sneaksss as well… :-/

The Asics Gel-Nimbus 14.  They only had pink in my size so… what the hay? Those were some expensive ol’ shoes, but they felt comfy womfy, so we’ll put it to the test in a little bit! Ohhh and a shoutout/mad love to Sneakerama for hooking it up with a 10% employee discount for the company I work at and alwaysss knowing how to size me.  I bought a pair of New Balance sneaks 2 years ago and they’re still going strong. They dirty and look like little cockaroaches, but they get the job did. 😀

So back on topic, can anyone suggest some killla workout songs? Pleaseeeee… :))


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