Weekend Vlog: Making time for ME

This past week had been ridiculously stressful and needless to say it was super hard to get to the gym.  But I’m making a promise to myself to go at least 3x this week.  But on another note, today I did something that re-injured my left knee.  I bit the dust pretty bad in Philly this past summer and it’s never been the same.  I have no idea what the issue is, but I’m going to have to do low impact workouts this week… which means no zumba… again! I’m slowly dying inside… :-/ lol But it really brings me up and I was sooo excited to make that committment to myself this week and then bammm!  ACK!  I’m trying the RICE method: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  Ohhh and Ibuprofen.. :-D.  So I talk about my struggles this past week in my Vlog

Also, have added a new page titled: Vlogs where you can access all my vlogs.  It’s under Etc. > Vlog on the main navigation pane. 

Dreading the weigh-in, because in addition to my new sprained? knee… I started my ‘monthly gift’.  EXCELENTE! lol…

So how was your weekend?

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