the Holiday Hustle!

Hello dear friends!

This holiday season has gotten the best of me.  Monday morning I woke up late from preparing holiday gifts at work and didn’t weigh in.  I weighed in on Tueseday morning at 272.6.  I know, I know.  I’m a damn mess.

That being said, my knee is feeling a bit better and I intend on hitting the gym on 12/26.  I’ve been trying to do what I can with walking around and whatnot.  But the toughest thing I’m dealing with is all the FOOD around me.  My BIG Mexican Family and all the food surrounding it is the hardest.  We celebrate, cry, mourn, rejoice, relax and rewind with FOOD.  It’s a big problem and I knew I’d be facing this when I got here.  I told my mom to help watch out for me. So far it’s been a bit messy, but I’m taking everything ‘one meal at a time’.  If I mess up bfast, doesn’t mean I hafta mess up lunch and dinner, etc.

Don’t know if I’ll be posting until after Christmas day because I’ve been going NON-STOP since I arrived.  It’s never realllllly a ‘vacay vacay’ when I’m back at home, but my Goodness, have I missed being here with my familia.  It had been 7 months… FAR too long!  Anywho, if I don’t post until then… Have a WONDERFUL Christmas/Hanukkah (Elyssa) hahahaa!

<3 you all!

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