Monday Weigh-In & Week 4 of the ‘Ultimate Showdown’

Well I will cut to the chase rather quickly, since I’m exhausted and need to head to bed.  I didn’t do so well in terms of weight loss.  BUT, I am surprised I had a deficit to begin with.  I mean it was Thanksgiving weekend and I wasn’t counting or journaling everything I consumed.  That and my slip up on Friday…. and not going to the gym for 3 days in a row.  Yikes!  I’m even more scared for next week’s b/c of it being my bday weekend = booze.  Ayyyy…

Anywho, I was talking to my friend Nick about how I’m so anxious to get this damn weight off.  He gave me 2 recommendations.

1) HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training.  This is legit the best way to burn fat or so I’ve read. Google it!

2) Ketogenic Guide aka low carb/no carb diet… and while I love carbs (as does everyone else), I am just fully convinced that my body doesn’t ‘handle them/deal with them’ very well.  As I’ve stated before, I get worried about going on these Atkins-type regimens b/c I have little to no energy at the gym when I deprive myself of carbs.  But it’s worth a shot at trying it again, right? 

What do you all think?  I think if I were to incorporate these 2 things into my routine, I’d see some serious results.  But damnnn will it be painful! Buttt… pain is temporary and pride is forever, no?

I’m thinking of trying low carb as in like no more than x amount/day.  I have to figure out what the x-variable is, but I’m DEF considering this route.  There’s no reason a my fat arse can’t lose 15lbs in a month.  It’s already been a month and I’m nowhere close to being there!

So I weighed in today at 273.6.  I lost 1.4 lbs from last week. Not awful, but not stellar.  heh.  I just wanna be FAB and the light at the end seems sooo far away…! 

I must be patient, I know.  I didn’t get this way overnight and I do realize it will take some time.  I just keep thinking of other ‘get fit quick’ ways and I hafta stop that thinking.  As Bob Harper says, there’s no quick & easy way to thin.  Nothing substitutes good diet & exercise.  Tru dat, B. Harpz.  I’m just venting… :-p

Alright kiddos, until tomorrow!

9 Responses to Monday Weigh-In & Week 4 of the ‘Ultimate Showdown’

  1. Sarah says:

    That’s right, you must learn to be patient! It’s important to making this a permanent lifestyle change.

    1.4 lbs last week is fantastic. It’s not awful, it’s not stellar, it is FANTASTIC. Most people gain that much over Thanksgiving week and you lost it. Pat yourself on the back and understand that what you did this past week is an accomplishment.

    Yes to HIIT, but you should work it in slowly. Don’t want to burn out/injure yourself/etc. 🙂

    I’m going to have to disagree with the idea of radically modifying your diet though. Making this stick requires dedication and patientence (as you know already!) and you have to slowly making little changes to your diet that don’t seem like a big deal at the time. Eventually all those little changes are going to add up to one really big change and you won’t even realize it.

    • Augustina says:

      Sarah, ty darlin’ for all the support! Yes, i guess it is good… looking back. It’s sooo easy to gain lbs back and so damn hard to take ’em off!

      Yes, no carb will not stick with me, like it hasn’t in the past.

      And I need to research this HIIT some more before I go full-fledged into it. Good points!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I think you are fabulous and brave for sharing the number on the scale with everyone.

    It is something I haven’t done yet. I’m not sure that I ever will… I know I have done great things, but I still carry a fair bit of shame about my weight and size.

    Anyways…I like low-carb…but disagree with NO carb lifestyles. Your brain needs carbs to function bella… So choose better carbs, and cut ’em back, but not out.

    Another great way to lose fat, is long slow intensity. Your body will burn up its stored glycogen, and move to the fat…. 🙂

    You can do this! Don’t ever doubt that!

    • Augustina says:

      Oooo! Interesting… so long low slow intensity being like the elliptical for and hour at a time? I’m trying to google this… hahahaa. Just anything to speed this process UP!

      And yes, my reason for posting my weight is purely for accountability purposes. I’m incredibly ashamed of my weight, believe me, but it pushes me more than ever to make sure I am good during the week and weekEND. Because come Monday, I’m weighing in and if I eff up, all my readers are gonna see. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, esp not myself. So that’s the reasoning behind it… plus, I have to go to extreme measures with myself like this or I don’t stick to things. You’ve done phenomenally well w/o having to post your weight, so keep up the stellar up, sistaaa! 😀

  3. Melvina says:

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