Monday Weigh-In & Week 3 of the ‘Ultimate Showdown’

So today was my first week of weighing in again and showing my weight, publicly.  I was excited/nervous this morning when I woke up because I have been waiting all week for this.  And as I jumped on the scale all I could hope for was 5lbs.  I ended up going from 279.2 to 275.  So a total of 4.2 lbs lost.  Definitely not as good as I expected it to be, but I’m trying to be positive about all this.  Most people would think this a decent weight loss amount, but I KILLED it at the gym last week and worked out 6 days altogether! My nutrition was very good and I onlyyy managed to lose 4.2lbs.  Now many things have gone through my head, here are some of my thoughts:

-Perhaps I need to seriously cut down on carbs, because I wasn’t too carb-conscious (but when I do, I have very little energy at the gym)

-Am I not eating enough calories?  (I think I’m gonna set up an appt with a nutritionist and explain to he/she my workout regimen and caloric intake and see what the verdict is)

-Like Dr. Oz says, you get the best BANG for your buck when you workout in the morning.  All my workouts have been in the evening.

-I realllllly need to start my twice-a-day workouts!

-I need to start weight-lifting, more muscle means more calories burned

-Maybe if I just had a good bowel movement before the weigh-in (just being real lol)

-Maybe my body really is changing because I used to lose weight a lot quicker 5 years ago… it’s cuz I’m gonna be the dread 25!

So as you can see, I do need a psychiatrist/shrink/witch doctor because these very thoughts and a few others have crossed my mind today.  But, I suppose I’ll take the 4.2lbs and continue to move forward in the right direction.

My next mini-goal: Be in the 260’s by my 25th bday on 12/5.  That’s 2 weeks from now.  And I don’t care if it’s 269.999… as long as it’s in the 260’s, baby!

Here’s to being good on Thanksgiving weekend, because not even holidays are excuses anymore!


P.S. Any suggestions/input for what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.  Thx!

P.P.S  Kate, you’re STILL going downtownnnn! BOOM!shakalaka


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  1. Sarah says:

    Don’t look at that as “only” 4.2 lbs. Healthy, long term, sustainable weight loss is recommended at 1-2 lbs a week, so by that standard you lost a little over two weeks worth of weight. Slower loss gives your body time to allow the skin to shrink around you. Patience Tina! 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Also- being so regimented can be hard to sustain. Although you may get the most bang for your buck with a morning workout, if you enjoy your nighttime workouts and are able to get there at night, then do what works for you. Also- what is your processed to unprocessed food ratio? How many unadultered veggies and fruits are you eating? The new “Food Plate” from the USDA really put some perspecitve for me.

  3. Shannon says:

    Umm 4.2lbs in a week?! Thats amazing!! The only reason the people on the Biggest Loser lose so much weight in one week is cause they work out 8 hours a day. Us on the other hand, sit down 8 hours a day. So 4.2 lbs in one week is a lot for a “normal/not on a weight loss show” person. I’ve heard about this “not enough calories” thing, and I might do some more research on it. But if you feel like you’re not losing enough, try switching up the routine. Try the stair master or the cross trainer. But definitely incorporate some weight training

  4. Aubree says:

    I was going to say exactly what everyone else already said. 4.2 lbs in a week is awesome and you’re more likely to keep off slow weight loss! Keep killin’ it, girl.

    One of your thoughts, though, is right on. You should be doing some weight training. Don’t be afraid of bulking up, because we ladies don’t have enough testerone to do that – read “New Rules of Lifting for Women” if you want to learn more. 🙂

  5. Esther Mills says:

    Mija it’s great to see all the comments from your friends. I totally agree with some of their ideas. I also agree that 4.2 lbs is very good. When you go to the market, go to the butter section and look at what 1.o pound looks like. You lost 4 of those puppies. I do believe that if you could hit the gym before you go to work, it’s all about metabelism is like starting your fire place and once it’s on all you need is to keep on adding wood to stay at constant burning. Doing that with eating protein snacks in between meals, plenty of water and yes getting enough rest. Dr Oz says you need plenty of sleep. As for the calorie intake maybe going to see a nutritionist might help get you on the right track. Anyway just keep doing what your doing. Remember you are not on a diet. You are eating healthier for a better life style. Love you sweetie Mom

  6. Yetti says:

    Oh Tina… don’t look at it as ONLY 4.2lbs! [ hits you ]. That is an AMAZING loss my love. Now in terms of switching up the routine… do what you can. If waking up early for a workout is not feasible to you… do not do it. You want to create a fitness routine you can maintain, so if you know you go to bed late, etc, forcing yourself up in the AM is not going to last long. Also remember… Weight-loss is 30% Gym, 70% Diet. if you are not eating enough you will not lose, if you’re eating too much you will not lose. Try having your carbs in the morning and not in the evening. Up your protein so you feel full after your meals. I eat 6 mix meals a day, or try to. They’re small portions but they tie me over for the next 3 hours. I’ll try and make a post about it and link you!

    But yes, SUPER proud of you lovey!

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