Monday Weigh-In… ohhh boy!

So this weekend I was an outright mess, in terms of nutrition (eating and drinking) and working out.  Last time I worked out was Saturday morning Zumba.  Looks like all the birfday festivities are done and it’s time to get back to business. My bday was a legit special occasion, but holidays like Christmas and New Years will not receive such special treatment.  Jus sayin’…

That being said, I know my body and how it reacts to sodium, fast food and alcohol.  I weighed myself Saturday Morning and weighed:








Then I weighed myself this morning (2 days and a crap ton of alcohol and bad eating later):








All I have to say is… DAYUMMMM!!!

I know my body too well and omg… 5.2lbs+ later.. Ayyy Dios mio.  I don’t believe I actually gained all that weight, but I probz gained somethinggg… I’m praying that’s a lot of water retention. Wishful thinking? Oh boy.  Next Monday will be the truest measure. :-/

It’s time to keeeel myself at Zumba & then the cardio machines after!

Here we go, 25! Let’s get ‘er doneeee!

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  2. Sena says:

    As I’ve been part ov de Caribbean bloggin’ crew for a few mhnots now, I’ve had de pleasure ov readin’ about yu on MB’s blog, an’ ah believe yu deserve a very happy day! (Also, MB believes yu deserve new mag rims or spinnin’ rims are those still in! for your new Optra, an’ luminous halo lights for de Optra’s undercarriage to complete de bashment. He’ll have those for you this afternoon:) Happy Birfday!

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